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So, it's no secret that when I first launched offbeatwed.com all those years ago, the website was just meant as a way to promote my book. Within six months I realized that, while only a few hundred people cared about the book, hundreds of thousands of people cared about the website. I quickly changed my business model (the tool I was using to market the product essentially became the product).

Be honest: how many of you even KNEW there was an Offbeat Bride book?!

THAT SAID, of course as an author, I want y'all to read my book. And so does Janelle, who sent me this email last week:

I have three words of advice to Offbeat Bride readers. BUY THE BOOK! Seriously!

For months and months, I've been stalking Offbeat Bride as a non-engaged person. I first turned to the website because I was terrified of even the idea of planning a wedding. The idea made me sick to my stomach because I didn't want to wear a white dress, I didn't want bridesmaids, I didn't want religion involved…and I didn't know how to have the kind of wedding that would actually reflect me. Before Offbeat Bride, I only wanted to elope … but now I have visions of a kick-ass party and ceremony that represents us and is a celebration of our love.

And I'm so glad I spent all that time pouring over offbeatwed.com because… my partner of six years officially proposed last weekend! Hooray! And the very first thing I did was BUY THE BOOK! I just got it yesterday and have been burning through it and already there is advice in there about engagement and rings that I have found SO helpful and reassuring.

I can't wait to read the whole thing, and then read it again, and again, and again to take notes. Ariel, I want your readers to know that buying the book is SO worth it, especially if you have the fear of wedding planning that I had/still sort of have. There's a lot in the book that isn't really on the website, so it's completely worth getting. BUY THE BOOK!

Thank you!

So yeah, as Janelle says… BUY THE BOOK!

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  1. Seconded.

    I found the website 1 month after I was engaged and I googled “non-matching bridesmaids”. When I saw that there was a book, I turned to my fiance and said, “I want this book!”

    He said, “Oh yeah. I know that book. It’s really great!” (he managed a bookstore).

    I burned through it, and my fiance started reading it too. Needless to say, I will be picking it up again soon. And again. And again.

    It’s funny, helpful, personal, reassuring, creative and chalk full of experiences. So many times I would read a sentence and think, “So I’m NOT crazy!”

    Thank you for the book Ariel (and of course the site). I’d love to see another book from you!

  2. when I got engaged, after ogling OBB for months, one of the first thoughts I remember having was ‘yes! I can finally buy the book without being a major weirdo!’

    it arrived this week and while I firstly just skimmed through it looking for specific things, it’s already helped a lot 😀

  3. I had been a lurker on the site for a long time, and ordered it from amazon pretty much the same day we decided to get legaled.

    Funnily enough, the book has actually helped me come to terms with how traditinal my wedding ended up (still in planning but it’s looking fairly mainstream so far). the book is like my little “you know what? just do what you want to do” cheerleader.

    Plus, Ariel is a very funny lady, and the book is a highly entertaining read. I second the notion that another book would be welcome! (no rush though, haha)

  4. I’m a MOH (for the first time!) and I passed my much-beloved copy on to my best friend. I am also CONSTANTLY talking up the website to basically everyone I know who is engaged.

  5. I also recommend buying the book. While the site and tribe are excellent, the book can be more personal. It’s like reading a letter from your inner self, allowing you to be you at all times.

  6. I stumbled on the book in a store back in…’07? It was in between all these HUGE books the size of school binders, and I opened it up to the page addressing the issue of pot smoke at the reception. Love at first read…but I wasn’t and still am not a bride, so I decided not to buy. I’ve been lurking on the blog for years as a way to amp up for it. Can’t wait to be engaged so I’ll have a non-psycho reason to own the book!

  7. I’ve been stalking the site since this last New Years Eve, when my fiancé proposed. A couple of days ago I finally got my thumb out of my arse and bought the book! So far it’s great! 😀

  8. Soooo.. now that I’ve been reassured that I’m not the only one stalking the site without an engagement, I’d love to ask: is an Offbeat Home book coming out soon? I DEFINITELY`have a home!

  9. I loaned my book to an engaged friend and it was never to be seen again!
    But this just gives me an excuse to buy a copy of the new edition now. Which I will, riiight now!

  10. Offbeat Bride was the first wedding planning book my fiance and I bought the morning after I proposed. It has served us well, and will likely continue to do so. 😀

  11. Made me laugh when I was about ready to say stuff it – or stonger words. Made me feel I wasn’t mad to be doing what we wanted.

  12. Got it from the library, loved it, ordered it on Amazon and a month later I got an email saying they couldn’t ship it to me 🙁
    I’m going to see if my local independent bookstore can special order me a copy.

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