This week we're celebrating our sci-fi-loving, fantasy-squeeing, and comic book-collecting couples. That's right: it's geek week!

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

The Offbeat Bride: Karrie Lynn, Administrative Assistant Extraordinaire

Her offbeat partner: Matt, Mechanical Engineer by day, Jedi by night

Date and location of wedding: Starved Rock Lodge in Utica, IL — September 1, 2012

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: Once someone meets Matt and me they can easily see that we are huge Star Wars fans. Our wedding was centered around our love for Star Wars. Each of our centerpieces was a diorama of one of the many planets from the Star Wars universe. We also incorporated our love for LEGOs and had minifigs as favors, and on the boutonnieres, bouquets, and corsages. We personalized each minifig for the person wearing it.

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

We knew we wanted to get married at Starved Rock Lodge because we are both big on the outdoors, Matt being an Eagle Scout and me being an avid spelunker and outdoorsy type. We loved the views and the caverns. We just knew this would compliment our personalities well.

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

I had my brother walk me down the aisle, and when Anita, our officiant, told the guests why my brother was walking be down the aisle, I lost it. She said, “Karrie is being escorted today by someone she describes as one of the most important people in her life. He has given her support, encouragement, and the gift of loving science fiction. He has been her therapist, a parent, her partner in crime, and her best friend.” My brother turned to me (trying not to cry, yet laughing) and said, “Damn you kid, why must you say nice things about me?” We walked out to the main theme of Star Wars.

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

Tell us about the ceremony: Matt and I knew we wanted to have a non-religious ceremony and we knew this would cause some disappointment for his very traditional parents. We decided we had to be authentic to ourselves and who we are, which is not religious but more of a mishmash of beliefs that fit us. We concentrated on finding a celebrant who would fit us perfectly and found Anita. She was able to tell our love story and incorporate all the things we love and love about each other into an amazing ceremony.

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

We had a hand fasting which made me so happy. We asked Matt's sister Sarah to make our hand fasting cord because she means a lot to us and has been very supportive of us and our relationship (and she is super crafty!). We also had Sarah read “A Lovely Love Story” by Edward Monkton and his other sister Rachel read “I Love You” by Erich Fried, as translated by Roy Croft.

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

Our biggest challenge: There were a few along the way: budget, family issues, but there was one that seemed to be more of a challenge for the people around us: I was 14-weeks pregnant on our wedding day. This was a joy of joys for us, since I was told with stage 4 endometriosis and one ovary that I would never have children. We were astonished to be pregnant.

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

Despite this, I began to receive a few disparaging comments along the lines of “Why didn't you just wait? You're going to ruin your wedding,” and “OMG what about your dress, your dress!” We knew what a blessing this child was and felt a dress is just a damn dress and a wedding is one damn day. I was not going to feel bad about this child. If anything, it made our wedding a bit more meaningful knowing we had this amazing gift and we were getting married as a family. I will say thank you to the lovely seamstress at David's Bridal, when my dress did not fit at the first fitting she made sure my dress fit on my wedding day and with some room to give, no less.

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

My favorite moment: The whole ceremony just wrecked me. Anita did such an amazing job telling our love story that I cried the whole time with laughing in between the sobs. The vows threw me for a loop and were incredibly meaningful. However, before the ceremony we spoke with Matt's step-grandmother and she told us how to have a wonderful marriage and how to stay in love. She told us how much she loved his grandfather (who had passed many years ago) and how she showed him everyday how much she loved him. She would write little love notes on the mirror and leave notes in his pockets so he always knew he was loved.

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

She told us that the first thing you do in the morning is tell each other “I love you” and have it be the last thing you say to each other at night, so your day begins good and ends good. She then told us how proud of us she was and that she was wearing her wedding outfit from her marriage to Matt's grandfather, and both Matt and I lost it right there. (There is a lovely picture of my most ugly cry face at the very moment she told us that.) The whole conversation meant so much to us… and always will.

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

My funniest moment: The Best Man was the funniest thing about our whole wedding and reception. He gave this amazing speech on his life-long friendship with my husband Matt and all the things they been through. He told some hilarious stories, but by far the best was how horrible and notorious my husband's farts were. I think everyone was laughing so hard and tearing up. It was fantastic. Then at the reception he did a dance routine to “Barbie Girl” with our friend Bob and they were amazing.

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

Was there anything you were sure was going to be a total disaster that unexpectedly turned out great? We planned an outdoor wedding with a lot of pictures to be taken in the caverns near Starved Rock. Unfortunately, it was raining all day — storming pretty bad. So we had to get married inside and nix all the cavern pictures.

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

I was sure I was going to be devastated and heartbroken when I checked the weather the night before the wedding, but I wasn't — I was just so happy to be marrying Matt that I just let it slide. I remember laying in bed the morning of the wedding and hearing the rain. I rolled over to Matt and kissed him and told him how happy I was just to be his wife, and that today was going to be the best day.

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

Our photographer Genevieve was awesome and kept checking outside so we could get some photos outside. She also came up with a lot of photos to do inside and made us feel great during the whole day.

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

My advice for Offbeat Brides: If someone is not liking where your wedding is heading… stop telling them about the wedding. If they ask about planning, just say, “It's going well.” No need to have people criticizing your wedding — it just makes you second guess yourself. Yes, some people will frown on your ideas and decisions, but you are not out to please them, focus on yourself. The people who enjoy your wedding are the people who know you best and love you no matter what. Don't be afraid to tell people “no” or go against tradition.

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding? The only thing that matters on that day is that you are getting married to the person you love. Do not stress on anything; it's not worth it. It's okay to cry during your ceremony. Lean on the people you know who are there for you. It's okay to let go of a project or process and have someone else help you. Breathe.

M&K's Star Wars Wedding

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Comments on Karrie Lynn & Matt’s Star Wars meets the outdoors wedding

  1. I do not know what they were talking about- your dress freaking rocked!

    What a lovely wedding too!

  2. I just found out I’m pregnant, I will be about 17 weeks by the time of the wedding in March. We’ve only told family and a few friends so far and I wound up crying to my mom about how my fiance’s parents both suggested we postpone our wedding (his mom thinking it would be too much stress for me/us, his dad… I’m not totally sure why). I told his mom that I’ve had 6+ months to plan and that I’ve gotten most of it planned, it won’t really be a ton of extra stress–plus I’ve seen people who get married specifically because they’re pregnant and they throw a wedding together in weeks or months. Point being, I’m so glad to see I’m not alone in being happy that we’re expecting but being brought down by suggestions to postpone our wedding. I’ve felt like we were married for months now, and we’re starting a family together. No point in waiting. His mom mentioned the baby would get to be at the wedding and I just thought to myself “It already will be! In my belly!”

    • It seems really sensible to me to carry on with the wedding! After all, when the baby’s born you’ll be very busy…! 17 weeks isn’t that far along, really – most women I know at that stage in pregnancy have been feeling pretty good!

    • I’m biased. LOL. I seriously think you should just carry on with the wedding. Now that I’m 8 months pregnant, I can not imagine the stress of trying to plan a wedding with a newborn. (Since I am stressed now about the baby coming, I can’t imagine the stress of wedding planning on top of that)I like you “felt like we were married for months now, and we’re starting a family together” We lived with each other for 3 years by the time we got married so we already felt like a family/married couple. Do what is best for you, makes you happy, and only you know what is too stressful. Congrats on the little one! Hugs!

  3. I love and admire the beautiful attitude you ladies have about the baby being at the wedding and getting married as a family. Thank you for a very valuable lesson. Congratulations on your wedding and for the baby!

  4. The Alderaan terrarium made me giggle too much. And I had to go hunting down the other terrariums because they were all so cute!

  5. So rude for people to be critical about you being pregnant! Ugh, as if not having a belly on show is THE most important thing… Looks like a very happy day was had 🙂

    • I was shocked and hurt by it myself. However, I came to realize that no matter what you do, someone will criticize your wedding or your pregnancy. Everyone has their opinion and thinks they know best…it was and still is easier for me just to say how does this persons negative view really impact my wedding/pregnancy etc. Most the time I just came up with, oh it just hurt my feelings, that I can try to shrug off. 🙂 Yes it was a very happy day indeed. Lots of happy crying was had.

  6. Super congratulations on both the wedding and the wee babe! It looked like it was a beautiful and happy day 🙂 I loved the entire design!

  7. “We knew what a blessing this child was and felt a dress is just a damn dress and a wedding is one damn day. I was not going to feel bad about this child.”
    I would have smacked whoever told me I’d made a mistake getting pregnant. Kudos to you for handling that better than I would have. Your attitude is beautiful.

    Also, I am SO glad the OBB editors included the link on “minifigs” because I really thought you had some kind of tiny fruit obsession. Which would be cool! But not as cool as little Lego people.

    • Thanks!I know I had a lot of talks with my SIL Sarah and my hubby about it and they got me through and helped me stay positive. HA!! A tiny fruit obsession would be amazing and something I can so see myself getting into. 🙂

  8. Starved Rock and Star Wars together? You just blew my mind.

    As someone from LaSalle-Peru, I cannot tell you how excited I am to see Starved Rock show up as a venue on this site. This place is amazing, people.

    Your wedding looked so beautiful and meaningful. Like many of the other commenters, I’m also in awe of your shoes and centerpieces and wish you and your new family much love.

  9. OMG THAT DRESS!! You look so gorgeous!! This whole thing!! The card Vader! Damn. Just. Damn.

    • I am the SIL and I made the Vader card box. From a pinata and duct tape! Glad you liked it!

  10. I love it! 😀 I’m very happy for you two that you remained steadfast and true to yourselves.

    We’re getting married this coming April and a lot of your post struck a chord with me. No baby on the way, but family drama and traditional hoopla.

    I hope our wedding turns out as geeky chic as yours. ^^


  11. I love “ugly cry” faces in wedding pictures. There’s something beautiful about that level of emotional honesty. Also, the back of your gown is so beautiful. I want a gown with a pretty back so people will have something to look at during the ceremony!

  12. I think you look gorgeous in ALL your photos – which one was supposedly ugly? You and your husband are adorable together, and I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. Congratulations on your new little bundle-of-joy to come!

  13. FAB wedding hun – great minds!!!! Have you any tips on getting the sabers to bond to the knife blade on your cake knifes – im having great difficulty with mine – ARGHHHHHHH!!!

    • Not sure of what help I can be. When we cut the cake the saber broke off the knife! We had to use the server to cut it. Which was surprising that it held, since the knife did not. We used epoxy. You can find it at Menards & Home Depot. I think you can get it at Joann’s or Micheal’s.

  14. Great advice and people not on track with wedding……..I am finding it draining work dudes/ random people /everyone……asking about the wedding…..

  15. Looks like a great wedding! Congrats! BTW where did you get the centerpiece vases? What is the style called? Been looking for that exact same thing and cannot find it anywhere.

    • We got them at Micheal’s, they are near the fake plants in a glass section. I sadly have no idea what style they are, I just looked and said yep that looks about right. (A few I grabbed where bigger than the others…so we used them at the parent’s tables)

  16. I love everything! The centerpieces (especially Alderaan), the shoes, the lightsabers, the photo of your “ugly” (not!) cry face, and the cake (we had the same cake toppers)! Amazing!

  17. I’m so jealous of whoever got to photograph this wedding- it’s been my dream to photograph a star wars wedding!

  18. you looked FANTASTIC. I actually bought that gown to wear to my wedding but we changed the venue so I got a different gown because I needed a little more glitter and pop. HOWEVER that being said this gown is MAGNIFICENT and looks BEAUTIFUL on you!!! If anyone on here loves it they can contact me if they fit in a size 8 wedding dress. I love this gown on you. I really do. Congratulations you looked amazing and I stumbled onto this page because I am doing some Star Wars things in my wedding. I stopped telling people about it becauase they roll their eyes … as if it is THEIR wedding! Good gracious!

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