Cat eyes, wayfarers, and rhinestones: eyeglasses for everyone

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Photography by Nate Silva

It's Geek Week, friends, and if there's one thing geeks know about it, it's kickin' eyewear, amirite? We love our ladies in lenses, so let's see what kind of frames we can find online for both men and women to wear with their fancy wedding duds. Before you worry about cost, keep in mind that some of these online stores (like Firmoo and Coastal) offer a free pair on your first order.

White glasses

middle-1-ZqSY1XCxobWhite floral frames

white-cat-eye-010513White subtle cat eye frames

il_570xN.409845747_7e50Vintage round cream frames

il_570xN.183603733Vintage 1980s pearl frames: so retro!

il_fullxfull.386795821_18ijRhinestone frames

il_fullxfull.300185837Vintage mask frames. The person who can pull these off will be my new personal hero.

Subtle and Unobtrusive Glasses

rimless-circlesRimless circular frames

middle-1-mw9duwp6Blue rimless frames

middle-2-o8qzq111Pink metal frames

love-010513Transparent cat eye frames. (I'm totally wearing the pink version of these in my Twitter photo)

Fancy and formal glasses

middle-2-TAUD2WqoQ0Round and studious frames

sawyer-optical-brushed-gold-front_1Swanky brushed goldtone glasses from Warby Parker

cat-eye-010513Retro cat eye frames. (Note the little colon and semicolon detail for grammar nerds!)

grey-brownOmbre frames

il_570xN.308745774Vintage-style cat eyes

il_570xN.323190342Jeweled cat eyes

il_570xN.410855498_jk6wBlack rhinestone frames

Colorful statement glasses

middle-1-fcoqaok4Yellow stripe frames

middle-2-l0i4s3ubBlue and yellow multicolored frames

middle-1-vfubo6dsRed dragon frames

purp-lg-010513Bold purple frames (also available in tortoise, blue, and grey)

duckworth-optical-marine-slate-front-ccBlue tortoiseshell from Warby Parker

il_fullxfull.407240546_b5phElectric blue cat eyes

Anyone inspired to shop around for something extra special for the wedding day? Where else do you shop for great frames online? Check out our brides in glasses tag archive for 18 pages of inspiration.

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  1. I love Zenni optical – most of the frames are under $30 and it’s almost like you’re just paying for the lenses. Etsy is pretty fantastic as well for those into retro/vintage frames.

    • I second, third, fourth, and fifth Zenni Optical. I have used the site to purchase multiple pairs of glasses for me, my fiance’, and oldest son. Their prices and quality are spot on! It takes paying attention to the details to know what you are getting (I’ve gotten 2 pairs that just didn’t turn out like I liked on me) but for the most part they are great. Shipping is a wee bit slow though.

    • Zenni is AWEsome. I get a pair I like at $8 and then order the same ones in every color they have!! I use them like accessories… Well,accessories that I need. Sported some zennis at our reception !!

      • Having been an optician I have many friends and family that wear glasses and they have me order their glasses for them. Like you I always use Zenni. Your glasses look very nice on you and suit you very well. Just be sure in the future to include the AR coating (anti-reflective), it’s well worth the extra $4.95.


    Does anyone know of a major retailer that sells Love brand glasses so I can personally try on the supercute translucent pair? I’m not having a lot of luck finding any answers online.

    • I think at one time Coastal actually sent out frames for you to try on at home, but I’m not seeing that option anymore. 🙁 I’ll look around though and see if I can find any other major retailers.

    • I don’t know of one, but check the sites’ return policies. If you’re fairly certain you’ll love them and the measurements are right, you can sometimes buy the glasses and not be out too much on a return if you end up not liking them (some sites don’t refund anti-glare coating or shipping, for instance.)
      If you have access to a store that sells those cheapie reading glasses, you might be able to find a pair that’s pretty similar to see how they look on you.

  3. Retro/hipster folks should check out the newer Seraphin line form OGI. Best glasses I’ve ever owned (and I’m not a glasses fan). You can get the vintage look with modern fit…and white or clear with bling, if that’s your thing.

  4. Hrmmm, now I kind of want to find a special pair of frames specifically for the wedding….

  5. i personally could not buy online, i had to try them on – i knew of a place nearby that had a good little stock of funky frames- and for the first time in my life – i feel i have amazing frames that i’ll use for years!!! 🙂 I just got leopard print vintage frames! Giving that “cat-eye” feel. 🙂 Coolest thing evar. I did use GOGGLES 4 U and they worked out great, but the ONE frame they had sold out fast…and there were no more cat eyes available. 🙁 But had a decent experience! 🙂

  6. I just bought the transparent LOVE cat eyes for my wedding (actually the clear version with black legs) from Shipment was quick, rx was accurate and Idk if it is still good, but you can get a free pair by typing FIRSTPAIRFREE in the coupon code at check out. I was very pleased.

  7. I’ve bought every pair of glasses I have owned for the past few years from zenni optical. Including the ones in the wedding photo associated with this article. You can upload your picture and try the glasses on virtually. Cheap too. I highly recommend!

  8. I really struggled to find white glasses when we got married in November. I finally managed to find a white pair of red or dead glasses.

  9. I love those white subtle cat eye glasses. Do anyone know who’s frames they are? Chanel maybe D&G? Frames don’t exist in the link above anymore. Links for other same kind of white feminine glasses are also wellcome if known. Thx.

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