Yes, I’m a sucker for reader photos

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I love this shot of OBT member Emily and her husband Michael doing a little light reading at their wedding in September. Emily captioned this shot Offbeat Bride: Don't Get Married Without It!

Photo by Chrissy Albright Photography
Photo used with permission of Chrissy Albright Photography

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  1. Cute pic! Love your Offbeat Bride book. As a bride to be, I always carry two books with me at all times. Your book and my bridal workbook wedding planner. Both came highly recommended to me. I'm sure visitors know where to get your book, but just thought i'd share where to get the other: These two books have been my wedding planning best friends.

  2. i found a lot of wedding planners weren't detailed enough for me so i made up my own!! it helped so so much!! i wrote everything to the very smalliest detail!

  3. Apparently, Offbeat Bride seems to be the more interesting of the two books – look how into it the groom is!

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