Katie & Victor’s funny, simple, eco-friendly Ohio wedding

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2628407174 2b4553b20d m alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)The Offbeat Bride: Katie, Woman of the World

Her Offbeat Partner: Victor (Victy, Victory, Boyfriend), USAF Officer

Location & date of wedding: Qualicrest Farm, Wooster, Ohio, USA, North America, Earth — May 25, 2008

What made our wedding offbeat: We tried to make our wedding guest focused and had a GREAT time! Plus, when planning we tried to buy local, buy green, stay organic/all natural, in the family, home made (the best cake ever!) and fun.

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The homemade wedding cake.

I think the thing that made it mine (ours) was that everyone had a good time. I've heard people say it was like two comedians getting married. Plus we made it a weekend — bonfire Friday night, party at mom's house Saturday, and the wedding on Sunday! Fantastic!

A few special features: made the cake myself (did I mention best cake ever?); made the bridesmaid skirts and none of their shoes matched; I wore a fantastic organic dress I got for $300 and recycled shoes; didn't buy flowers; walked down the isle to “All You Need is Love”; Dad sang during the ceremony (just like when I was a kid!); we were outside and had great weather (weird for Ohio); choreographed our dance to Queen's “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”… and that's just the tip!

2627588405 28a852ee61 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
The colorful bridal party.

Oh, and my photographer thinks I'm so offbeat they suggested I submit this!

Our biggest challenge: Getting the wedding party to the venue early… really, I just wanted to party!

2627588921 9709f8d67e m alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)The weird thing is, I didn't have many, if any, problems.

My favorite moment: When my husband used some of my favorite John Denver lyrics in his vows. That was so amazing! “My life, my love, my everything, it's you I want to be with”

My advice for other offbeat brides: Don't sweat it when people give you the raised eyebrows when describing what you're planning for your wedding. I got crap from a few family members, but I just kept my head up and said that is was exactly what I wanted. And sure enough, on the wedding day they loved it all!

Oh, and don't give up when trying to find the things you want. It's all out there, you just need to keep up the good work.

Brides shoes made out of recycled tires.
Bride's shoes made out of recycled tires.

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Comments on Katie & Victor’s funny, simple, eco-friendly Ohio wedding

    • I love it too…however, I can't wear it every day!! The stones actually fall out. I had it repaired but they told me that it's not good as an every day ring because the glue holding the stones in dissolves with the soap that washes my hands. Too bad really, but I still wear my crazy engagement ring. And I'm on the look out for a new wedding band. The first one wasn't expensive so I can get another one, no problem! I already have one in mind….it costs about $40. I'm cheap.

  1. I have to comment about the John Denver lyrics. That is so great! I want to incorporate John Denver in my wedding because I just love him so much. His lyrics are so great, so many just don't get it. That is wonderful!

    • I even had my dad sing "for baby for Bobbie" it was a tear jerker!! He really is the greatest musician alive. Plus, it surprised me when my husband busted it out in the vows. He really knows me.

  2. That whole thing in gorgeous from start to finish! Congratulations on having such a fun, fresh wedding.

    Also, I concur: gorgeous ring.

  3. You've captured what I so want our wedding to be-a happy, fun day for all of us to celebrate! LOVE that you made the skirts, btw:)

    • Skirts=EASY!! If you really want it, you can do it! Plus, they are so easy, even if you don't sew, someone you know could do it in a day!
      And if you want to have fun, just chill out and you will. We did have some bumps (one bridesmaid couldn't afford to fly out…long story, etc) but some how I ended up marrying my best friend so it all worked out in then end:)

    • Thanks! I got a lot of them from other people. I like to be inspired. And then I made up the rest:)

  4. I went to the College of Wooster – passed this place so many times. You've made our little Wooster, Ohio look so gorgeous and i love you you've supported everything local. That's what a wedding is all about – family and friends — not all this HUGE, over the top stuff. I'm so impressed and am proud to be a prior wooster resident, current akron resident, and work in Orrville – Go Wayne County!

    • The truth, you speak the truth! My mom's family is from Orrville (where all the pre-parties took place!) and I love that area of Ohio more than you can imagine. I always thought I would have a destination wedding since Ohio is the boring capital of the world, but when I grew up I realized that it is the more beautiful place on earth. I'm so glad I had a home grown wedding. I really wanted to stay away from huge over the top so I did it my way. Well, I should give the husband credit, we did it OUR way:)

  5. I have to know where you got your jewelry! Your necklace and rings are devine! Fabulous taste! 🙂 Your wedding is beautiful.

    • Rings: Gertrude Zachary Jewelers in Albuquerque NM. It's where we were living when we got engaged. The necklace is from a small jewelry store in Wooster Ohio but the stone is actually from NM, they just set it at the store. I used clear beading string so it looked like it was just sitting there.
      Thanks for the compliments. I always get weird looks when I tell people that the big fatty stone ring is my engagement ring. I just don't like diamonds.

      • Thanks! I am not too far from New Mexico. I will have to check it out. I am not a diamonds gal either so I totally understand! 🙂

    • Thanks, but as you know, Ellen, Wooster doesn't need me. It's already gorgeous!

  6. Double ditto on the rings! Love the shoes, I am looking for an eco friendly flat in BLUuue, dress looks fabulous!
    Blessings to your next step on the path we call life!

  7. Ok I cant find any link or info on the shoes! Help i need some shoes! Help I need them in blue ^_^

    • Seriously! That bagpiper is a good friend of mine that I grew up with. Everything and everyone involved was pretty much home grown. I would have NEVER thought of bagpipes if one of my best friends played them. But it wasn't even a question when it came to special music. And my mom grew up in Orrville so when deciding on wedding favors (which I don't really like the main stream wastefulness of the idea) I had to go back to the family roots and get something useful for my guests. Some of them even used them on the rolls they had for dinner!

  8. Congrats to you!! I second that ohio weather is weird, never know what will happen the day of, I know I had a simple ceremony at a local park and it was sunny and warm when the threat was rain the day we exchanged our vows. Pretty job on decorations and dress!Very pretty bride too. Congrats again!!

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