Your new glass-clinking hack: this hula hoop kissing game

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 | Photography by Gillian Williamson
Hula hoop kissing game/glass clinking alternative hack as seen on @offbeatbride
Photos by Gillian Williamson

Andrea and Chris had fire dancers with hula hoops at their forest-y wedding which created a kick-ass opportunity for an alternative kissing/glass-clinking game. In case you're not familiar with this particular tradition, it's where guests clink glasses to get you to kiss on command. Adding a game element means guests have to work harder = you aren't constantly kissing all night.

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In this case, this couple had a quirky meet-cute story which involved Andrea being hit in the noggin with a crumpled piece of paper. When hula hoops met crumpled paper, the rest of this game was history:

Our fire performer had extra hula hoops, and I'm also a novice hula hooper, so our “kissing game” was to throw a paper ball through the hoop (based on how we met), and at the end of the night it came down and everyone was trying their hand at hooping which was hilarious.

Hula hoop kissing game/glass clinking alternative hack as seen on @offbeatbride

If you end up with an impromptu activity at your reception like this, feel free to make it the hurdle that keeps everyone from clinking their glasses all night to get you to snog.

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