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Ring toss glass clinking wedding game as seen on @offbeatbride #wedding #glassclinking

A Bozo Buckets or ring toss wedding game: your new glass-clinking alternative idea

In case you’ve never heard of it (it’s totally regional), the tradition of guests tapping their glassware and making the couple kiss is A Thing. And when you’re trying to eat your high-priced dinner, kissing every two seconds can get tiresome. So we rounded up some ways to save the glassware and make it a challenge to make you to kiss at the reception. Andrea’s idea was to use the concept of Bozo Buckets/ring toss. Toss ping pong balls into numbered buckets and set up the rules for each.

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Want to see some make-outs? Pony up for charity instead of glass clinking

We love this alternative to the glass-clinking-kissing tradition. Instead of having guests clink their glasses to get the couples to kiss, they solicited a small donation for a worthy cause, the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. See how Hailey and Delainy did it, what signage they used, and why they chose to celebrate a cause instead of just some smooching.

Hula hoop kissing game/glass clinking alternative hack as seen on @offbeatbride

Your new glass-clinking hack: this hula hoop kissing game

Andrea and Chris had fire dancers with hula hoops at their forest-y wedding which created a kick-ass opportunity for an alternative kissing/glass-clinking game. In this case, they had a quirky meet-cute story which involved Andrea being hit in the noggin with a crumpled piece of paper. When hula hoops met crumpled paper, the rest of this game was history: a hula hoop kissing game.

customized pint glass wedding alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Print custom wedding glassware for your attendants (…or guests!)

Looking for a customized gift to please thirsty bridesmaids, groomsmen, bridesboys, groomsgirls, and whatever attendants you’ve got? Offbeat Bride Tribe member Krissybeth included these adorable custom glasses in her welcome bags for her attendants, printed with the logo from her wedding invitations.

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Use the glass-clinking tradition as peace-keeping hack

The more I think about the glass clinking tradition, the more I think I may use it as a tactic for peace-keeping.

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Stop the violence against glassware: 6 glass-clinking alternatives

Are you like me — a person who HATES the glass-clinking tradition? If you aren’t comfortable kissing on command, or bringing out the bitch face, here are some useful glass clinking alternatives from Offbeat Bride readers…