A Bozo Buckets or ring toss wedding game: your new glass-clinking alternative idea

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Ring toss wedding game as seen on @offbeatbride #wedding #glassclinking
Bottle ring toss game by Wooden Tree Boutique. You can find similar here.

My Chicago childhood memories of watching The Bozo Show totally resurfaced when reader Andrea mentioned her glass-clinking alternative on this post.

In case you've never heard of it (it's totally regional), the tradition of guests tapping their glassware and making the couple kiss is A Thing. And when you're trying to eat your high-priced dinner, kissing every two seconds can get tiresome. So we rounded up some ways to save the glassware and make it a challenge to make you to kiss at the reception.

Andrea's idea was to use the concept of Bozo Buckets or a ring toss wedding game. Toss ping-pong balls into numbered buckets and set up the rules for each. See how it worked on the actual show here.

Here's how Andrea and her partner set it up specific to their wine-themed wedding, which included making the contestant do their own fun things until they got to the final task. Pro tip: while it's all going down, you can keep on eating and drinking. Score.

I saw at a previous wedding where the couple had “Bozo Buckets” in which guests threw a ping-pong ball. If they got the furthest bucket, the couple kissed. Anything shorter and they had to do something else like kiss a willing member of the wedding party, do a dance, sing a song, etc.

That gave me an idea that more matched our Tuscan/wine-themed wedding. We're going to do ring toss onto wine bottles. The centered, different colored bottle will result in us kissing, while the others will result in the thrower doing something silly.

Ring toss wedding game as seen on @offbeatbride #wedding #glassclinking
Rustic Wine Bottle Ring Toss from Etsy

Are you offering up a glass-clinking alternative to your guests or is this just not a thing in your area?

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