D20 kiss game: Make wedding guests roll to get you to kiss!

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If you're dreading ye olde “clinking of glasses” when guests want you to smooch during dinner, maybe making them work for it will give you some time to scarf some food before it starts again. Karen and Ian used a little game involving a big, inflatable D20. This is the best idea ever for a nerdy, Dungeons & Dragons wedding!

The trick was that the would-be glass clinker would have to roll this big dice and get a number between 11-20 to get them to kiss. Roll anything lower and they have to kiss someone! You can see the full description of the game in Karen and Ian's hilarious program, “So you're going to sit through a wedding.”

There was a D-20 kissing game at Robin & Taran's geeky wedding too, and here was the cute card they made:

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Comments on D20 kiss game: Make wedding guests roll to get you to kiss!

  1. Ugh, I’m so sick of the clinking glasses thing, so this is great! I’d be planning on doing something with trivia…like someone in the crowd has to answer a random Trivial Pursuit question before we’d kiss. We completely forgot to set something up beforehand, and it was only after our wedding that I realized no one tried to clink anyway! I don’t know if this is because drinks were served in plastic cups or bottles (although there were mason jars on the tables) or if people just forgot because it’s us.

  2. I love the multitude of non-clinking options. It gives us one more extra way to make our wedding a bit different. We’re putting a jar full of wrapped candy (hershey kisses or something) of two different colours. If one colour is picked we kiss, if the other is picked they kiss somebody. I like that we have some sneaky control of how many of each colour goes in, we may not have to kiss at all!

  3. I went to a wedding once where if you wanted the bride and groom to kiss, the entire table had to stand up and sing a bit from a song with the word “love” in it. Hilarious to watch grandpa get up and sing “Loooooove shack!”

    • We wanted to do this exactly! But our families were just not into it. 🙁 We ended up having to give in to the dreaded clinking a few times, but then I made sure everyone was walking around and dancing and away from their glasses very soon after dinner. Oh well.

  4. We are doing this with Trivial Pursuit questions! People will come up to us with the box, and pick a card and a category. If they answer correctly, we kiss. If they get it wrong, we pick who they kiss.

  5. I love the clinking! I went to my nephew’s wedding (he is only 5 years younger) in Florida (I’m from Michigan) and only the Michigan people even knew what the clinking meant. I think it is cute, classic, playful, and a tradition I totally want to keep. But I can see why you wouldn’t want a bunch of people forcing you to kiss in front of them… bit creepy really. Figures the only wedding I start a clink is the only one where almost no on understands :/

  6. This is a thing? I have never heard of this till now. And hasn’t happened at a wedding I’ve been to yet. I think if this clinking happens at our wedding me and my boy are going to think everyone has gone a little mad.

    However, inflatable d20s are great. I may have to get one.

  7. They don’t clink in Florida? How interesting! I love finding out all the little regional wedding stuff differences! There oughta be an educational grid or something for that in case you go to an out of town wedding so you don’t show up and act like a cretin doing something regionally inappropriate.

  8. We’re having them roll regular dice. If they roll 7, we’ll kiss, anything else, they have to kiss someone else. Snake eyes, they have to put a dollar in the jar.

  9. Just went to a wedding where everytime the glasses were clinked, the name of a couple attending the reception was drawn and they had to kiss, and then the bride & groom had to kiss copying the first couple’s kiss. Let’s just say there were some pretty interesting (and sometimes acrobatic) kisses! It was adorable and hilarious.

  10. Love it!!! My future-hubby and I are definitely going to do this! This is going to be fun ^_^.

  11. Also dislike clinking. Sure, it’s cute, but if the couple is shy, it can be a bit uncomfortable. Yes, weddings are a place for public displays of affection, but if that’s not your thing, ideas such as this (to reduce the kissing on demand) can really help to destress.
    I love that if you roll anything else, the roller has to kiss someone. How did you decide who they had to kiss?

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