Wedding party gifts for the teary-eyed: embroidered hankies!

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When we showed you Aubrey and Nate's wedding, I'll admit, I was more blown away by Aubrey's jaw-dropping crop-top wedding dress than anything else. But I didn't want you to miss out on one other awesome detail hidden in those photos: Nate's wedding party gifts for his groomsmen were embroidered hankies.

I love handkerchiefs. I might even be accused of collecting them. There's just no pride quite like handing someone a delicate, vintage hankie when they're sniffling next to you at a wedding.

Nate had his hankies embroidered with a quote, a heartfelt thank-you, the date, and the location. But your possibilities are endless. You could go for an inside joke. A sentimental thanks. Heck, you could probably skip the embroidery altogether and give everyone a different vintage pattern! So go ahead — help your wedding party feel like heroes with the chance to offer their new hankie to that cute, teary-eyed guest over there.

Looks like you can get custom embroidered handkerchiefs on Etsy, if you want to try your hand at this idea.

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  1. I get married in 11 days eeekkkk and have spent any spare tv time embroidering hankies for my wedding party. This takes so much time and I really hope they will be appreciated. Kudos to anyone else daft enough to attempt this the fortnight before their wedding!

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