Handmade wedding rings from Hunt Country Jewelers

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Looking at engagement rings and wedding bands can be an exercise in sameness. And if there's anything we know about offbeat couples, it's that they are into something different and something authentic to them. That's why we get a little giddy when we find a jeweler that goes above and beyond to make customized handmade wedding rings and jewelry for couples who want something that isn't the same old thing. And we're extra giddy for our partner Hunt Country Jewelers.

Founder and master designer Ed Cutshall has never been much concerned with what should be done (sounds like you, right?). He's more concerned with what could be done.

Handmade wedding rings from Hunt Country Jewelers
A custom cut color change sapphire engagement ring

You've got OPTIONS:

  • Diamonds aren’t the only option(!). They are all about colored gemstones, which is so RAD. Give us all the sapphires, tourmalines, garnets, tanzanites, aquamarines, and all those colored pretties we love. Just take a peek here for proof of the sheer array of styles they've created.
  • Solitaires (or three stones or halos or…) aren’t the only option, either. They’ve created bypass, multi-stone, no stone, and everything in between.
  • An engagement ring + a wedding band is not your only option. Don’t want to wear two rings? You don’t have to! Single rings designed to be complete packages on their own are something Hunt Country totally loves to make. You can even have three! Whatever combination you like is what they'll deliver.

How they feel about the creation process:

The most important design elements are the ones that mean the most to you. It’s important to us that your jewelry is not just a placeholder, but something tangible to remind you everyday of your shared love — so if that includes the paw prints of your beloved cats or a significant Celtic knot pattern, we’re down.

We're all about out-of-the-box thinking and so are they. Like Ed, his wife Claire, and their son Logan say, “The only box we like to put our jewelry in is the wooden one you carry it home in!” Heck yes! If you've got an idea for a ring, you know these folks are down for your plan.

Let's see some real ring stories:

Handmade wedding rings from Hunt Country Jewelers

This ring was a modern interpretation of a grandmother’s ring, using a family diamond and rubies. It’s a traditional two-piece wedding set, but with a very nontraditional stone arrangement. Here's what the bride said about it…

“They reset my grandmother's diamonds in a setting that was both modern and antique looking and completely unique. It was everything I pictured in my mind, but even better!” -Kimberly H

Handmade wedding rings from Hunt Country Jewelers
This couple started with just wedding bands; a few years later they added a reverse jacket that could be worn over the band with a diamond in it. So the band can continue to be worn on its own, or it can be gussied up with the diamond jacket and still retain that feeling of a single integrated piece.

Handmade wedding rings from Hunt Country Jewelers

This ring was a custom cut stone (yep, they cut most of their colored gemstones in house!). The pale yellow sapphire was cut in a modified rose cut and actually set upside down! This bride was intrigued by raw diamonds and fell in love with their suggestion to go for the raw look while stepping out even further by using a colored gemstone, an antique facet pattern, and setting it table side down to maintain the rose cut look. SWOON.

Handmade wedding rings from Hunt Country Jewelers
This puzzle ring was hand-carved and fitted together and meant to be worn as a standalone band. The two textures were used to highlight the two different pieces and how they become one, but still maintain their own identities.

Hunt Country Jewelers designs and hand-crafts every piece they sell, from cutting the gemstones to building the mounting. Their commission process allows for a lot of input from you.

Whether you're looking for something simple or something totally different (I know y'all have IDEAS!), you'll get the best guidance and experience from Ed, Claire, and their team. It's the best of worlds: supporting a small, family-owned business and getting rings that will become an instant heirlooms. Go see what they're all about and report back with your new ring!

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