Candy, skulls, and horror movie props: Sounds like it’s Halloween on Offbeat Bride

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Lollipop BouquetOne of my favorite things about Halloween is the candy; you can just imagine how excited I got over Offbeat Bride Leslie's Halloween lollipop bouquet. The bouquet was made from lollipops bought at Candy Warehouse, the sticks are covered in pretty printed tapes.

There's more wedding candy and dark Halloween-themed fun where that came from in this special Halloween week reader round-up!

Photo by Josh Goodman
Photo by Josh Goodman

Ashley and Evan had their wedding on Friday the 13th. Aside from this awesome, synchronized cake smashing, they also had other fun stuff to put on your face at their wedding…

Photo by Josh Goodman
Photo by Josh Goodman
What better Friday the 13th wedding photo props to have than hockey masks and toy meat cleavers!?

bridesmaidsI can't even handle the beauty of this bride and her bridesmaids at the Traveling Circus Wedding in Seattle, Washington. Are those pumpkin pomander bouquets!? The adorbz doesn't quit. Hopefully we'll get the full scoop soon.

Glitter Skull in WheatgrassCheck out Justin and Joanne's earthy-yet-creepy skull in wheatgrass centerpieces!

Shove!Now check out Justin and Joanne. They're pretty rad, yes?

Fabulous Ribcage Dress Okay, okay, one more photo from Justin and Joanne's wedding… this amazing Rodarte rib cage dress!

Halloween Wedding Sheri and Jon got married at the Regency Ballroom on Halloween, followed by a costume party reception.

Halloween Wedding Their reception was full of gorgeous Halloween decor with amazing pumpkin/tree centerpieces, and flying bat place cards.

Bernice&Greg-100October 31, 2012
Bernice and Greg had a Halloween wedding complete with gorgeous gothic outfits and this sexy dark red ride.

Bernice&Greg-106October 31, 2012
Let's end this round-up on Bernice and Greg's awesome wedding candy buffet! Mmm, now I want candy. Thankfully Halloween is coming up soon!

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Comments on Candy, skulls, and horror movie props: Sounds like it’s Halloween on Offbeat Bride

  1. I’ve been looking everywhere for businesses that do lollipop bouquets! YAY!

    • Jamie, I made my own. It was harder than I thought so I’ll share the process. 🙂 I bought the lollipops in bulk online, then took them home to play.

      We did not unwrap the lollipops all the way. We made them about six weeks or so before the wedding, so we wanted to make sure they stayed good. We simply took off the plastic wrapper that made it’s way onto the stick, and slit the plastic so on the day of the wedding we could easily unwrap the lollipops.

      I covered the sticks in different types of black and white designed washi tape from the craft store. We thought it would be super easy at this point, arrange and wrap, yeah? But no. They’re heavy and awkward to try to hold and wrap at the same time.

      We used a sauce pot and set the lollipops in the pot upside down, sticks up. The pot was a good size so that I could move them around and arrange them and then the sticks were free to be wrangled. I used black cloth tape to hold the sticks together where we wanted them (hockey tape is great, you can get it at sporting goods stores! floral tape was absolutely not strong enough, even the stuff with wire).

      Then I used a hot glue gun to cover all the tape I’d used to hold the sticks together and make it look prettier. We made some pretty trails with the ends of the ribbon and let them hang. When we were done we gently wrapped each bouquet in a plastic bag to keep them fresh and protect them from dust, and we stored them in a box (upside down, sticks up) lined with bubble wrap until the wedding day.

    • They also have them on Etsy under EdibleWeddings they have bridal, boutineers, and bridesmaid. I was so close to buying them, but since we are traveling I was too afraid they would break!

    • Make those suckers with polymer clay, and use a bit of gathered floral wire covered with washi tape as the base so that you can arrange easier.

  2. So excited for my own Halloween wedding coming up in three days (eek!)! Can’t wait to submit my own bride profile and join the Halloween awesomeness.

  3. PUMPKIN TREE CENTERPIECES?!? I must have these!!! Anyone know where to find something like this? Or even DIY them?

  4. Love the pictures – thanks!
    I especially love the flowers stuffed in a pumpkin, although oranges roses are my favourite!

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