Unexpected groomsmen gift ideas

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Unexpected groomsmen gift ideas

I've gotten a few questions lately from brides seeking the perfect offbeat groomsmen's gifts. I've resisted weighing in because no two dudes are the same — and I really don't dig the gender-normative trends in groomsmen gifts. It seems like it's assumed that groomsmen are interested in booze (flasks!), titties (pin-up cufflinks!), tools, and sports. I mean sure: you know your dudes best. Maybe they love these things. But are we really so sure our guy friends are so narrow in their interests?

So, in putting together my list of awesome groomsmen gifts, I'll recognize that some dudes might be into a flask or cufflinks, but others would be much happier with a Star Wars flash drive, pedicure, or leather wrist-cuff. My ultimate test for groomsmen gifts: would a badass Best Woman like it too?

That in mind, here are a few of my favorite nontrad groomsmen gifts, some more mainstream, some tongue-in-cheek, and some totally out there:

Mustache pint glasses
Because yes, ok fine: lots of dudes do like beer. These are from etsy:
Mustache pint glasses

Groomsman pedicure party
Give your guys the chance to experience a luxury that may be completely foreign to them. Of course they can skip the toenail polish of they're not flashy — a quick exfoliation and buff can be awesome, and there's nothing like male bonding at the nail salon!

Boba Fett cufflinks
I had to get at least one set of cuff-links on the list, right?
Boba Fett cuff links

Steampunk flask
Another Etsy find, for your neo-Victorian mates:
Steampunk Flask

Custom goggles
In keeping with the Steampunk flask theme, picture all your groomsmen rocking these amazing custom goggles. Imagine the photo possibilities!
steampunk goggles

Pin-up girl cufflinks
Yes, this is a stereotypical one, but could be perfectly themed for your rockabilly wedding. Plus, lots of dudes do indeed like boobs. Heck, lots of girls like boobs too, so this could be perfect for your burlesque-dancing, retro-mama groomsgirl, as well:
pinup girl cufflinksir?t=offbeatbride 20&l=ur2&o=1 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Hand grenade soap
Because your guys deserve to be clean — explosively clean. Oh and PS: these come in pink, for some true fabulousness.
alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Leatherman multitool
Yeah, ok it's totally stereotypical, but unlike a customized mug or shot glasses, multitools are super useful.
Leatherman multitoolir?t=offbeatbride 20&l=ur2&o=1 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Hitachi Magic Wand
Haven't you heard? The Cadillac of Vibrators is not just for the ladies. Guys love it, once they can get over the “Wait, how does a dude use a vibe?” hurdle. Tips for dudes: 1. Take it home. 2. Put it on your penis. 3. Enjoy!

Dude apron
Just like an apron, only for a guy's tools and manly things. Like maybe his new Hitachi? PERHAPS!
alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Custom ascots
Cuz some guys are WAY too dandy for plain old ties.
alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Star Wars flash drives
May the geek be with you!

Animals in suits
This Etsy seller sells prints of animals in dandy suits. So distinguished!
alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Rainbow Sandals

Obviously, the perfect gift for a beach wedding. Bonus: goes great with afore-mentioned groomsman pedicure party!
31yiq8j tML. AA280 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)ir?t=offbeatbride 20&l=ur2&o=1 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Tattoo-style leather wrist cuffs
For the rock ‘n' roll toughies in your wedding party.

Embroidered bromance love note
For the groom who's not afraid to tell his BFFs how he feels. I'm imagining something along the lines of:
Hey Brian — You've always been there for me, bro. I love you, man. xo, Jason
alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Solar radio
Perfect for camping, boating, and the impending apocalypse!

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Comments on Unexpected groomsmen gift ideas

  1. This is SO awesome!! We were thinking of getting them their ties (since none of them would wear pink on their own) but im digging the starwars flash drives!

    • I just wanted to mention without being rude, make sure they will wear them again .. I was in a wedding once where the groomsmen were gifted their ties, except they were all solid bright orange. It just wasn't quite as exciting for the dudes as the bride thought it would be. So, giving them the flash drive as well might be the way to go. Pink tie's probably won't be your groomsmen's first choice when they go to a funeral, or a job interview.

  2. Love the suggestions Ariel. I just sent my boy the link. I think the bromance notes are the funniest.

  3. I make ceramics, so I made each of them a personalized mug (big enough for beer, but also great for a large cup of coffee!) with their name and an unique carving. The trekkie got a Com-Badge, my brother got Abe Lincoln, and my husband got the Tri-Force from Legend of Zelda. A couple even had some in-jokes written on them. They were a HUGE hit- something personalized, handmade, and that they can use every day!

  4. Brilliant, I wish I'd seen this a month ago when we were looking for guy gifts! 🙂 We ended up getting our male people (including fathers) celebrity action figures from Archie McPhee (mcphee.com) to suit their personalities–Cassanova for my brother, Ben Franklin for his brother, etc. They were pretty big hits. My dad apparently has his Carl Jung action figure in a zombie pose on top of his computer.

    • thanks ariel for the cred. 🙂
      I suggested those bad boys bc that's what I gave my ENTIRE wedding party as gifts — we had a beach wedding. the boys are still thanking me though. 😉

      • Then Megan rocks! My whole family will probably be wearing Rainbows at our wedding, including my mom, and me when I'm not barefoot or in Chacos! I grew up just down the road from the original factory, and I wear them year round (even when I lived in Germany and it was snowing)… now I want to buy them for everyone 🙂

  5. I would definitely get the hand grenade soap for my wedding posse but just about everyone is flying in, and I don't want to get everyone pulled over by airport security. 🙁
    Marina's suggestion of celebrity action figures is pretty tempting though . . .

  6. Oh my god those grenade soaps are PERFECT. My fiance is a WWII re-enactor. I have to have them now! Thank you Ariel.

    PS: He also has one of those leatherman things for work and he gives it a big thumbs up. They come in handy!

  7. Nice! I have been trying to get the groom to help with this decision. I'm not sure what we will come up with but we've been looking at a variety of stuff on ThinkGeek.com. I definitely recommend it for anyone with a lot of nerd boys (and girls) in their wedding party!

    • we were looking into think geek too. We were thinking about the jellyfish lava lamps or the electric guitar t shirts with the mini amp. LOL Some funny stuff. Definitely worth looking into. flasks are so boring and WAY overdone.

      this link is one that I was thinking of getting for the flower girls. Also from think geek- its a butterfly in a jar, but its not real. The butterfly looks so real and even reacts if you move the jar! I do think this this would be a cool addition to any little girls room. Still thinking for the ringbeaer… I am sure think geek will have something! ;D

  8. Great ideas. I actually have been making cuff links for my guys with instructions I got out of the book DIY Bride. But my fi loves pin-up (so much that I did a Bombshell Betty photoshoot for his bday last year). As he wears links all the time, you just found his anniversary present. We don't celebrate our first date, probably won't our wedding date-we celebrate our first kiss back in 1993!

  9. I love the animals in dandy suits!

    My husband prepared Nalgene water bottles filled with gummy worms, and a ninja throwing star for each of his groomsmen. It was perfect, they snacked and goofed around with them before the ceremony. Also, they had something functional and fun to take home.

  10. Love these ideas! Can you PLEASE pretty PLEASE do a similar post for gifts for parents? I'm completely stumped on my in-laws!

  11. My friend just got married this past Saturday and gave his groomsmen these great realistic looking guns with the names and wedding date engraved on the barrel.

  12. how about not giving gifts??? I mean, we gave a small gift of some cufflinks to the football (soccer) supporter in his team logo and some whisky to the others but i gave my bridesmaids nothing, i hope that people dont feel like they have to gift things at a wedding – its a good sentiment but its not an 'essential' item….. focus on yourselves! 🙂

  13. My husband got his groomsmen flasks from Etsy (which I introduced him to, and I got from all the ladies on OBT!), but I got him, just as a silly gift, a Lego tie clip: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=2… He'd never seen anything like it before and absolutely LOVED it. Gets complimented on it all the time (well, when he actually wears ties, which is rare unless he has a work meeting). So, just to add an extra suggestion to the pile. 🙂

  14. thanks so much for featuring my note! using it as a bromance note is super hilarious and a great idea!


  15. Angelica, do you think you could find out the name of the place where your friend got the guns? This would be perfect for my dudes!


  16. Any chance you could do the same but for bridesmaids? Best gift guide ever! x

  17. i am thinking of doing pinup/boudoir pictures and making a book for his grooms gift a lot of girls are doing it right now. I live in Orange County, ca and there are some great photographers out here it is just a matter of picking one that is my style. I have my eye on one company i think there name is Pussycat pinups. they had incredible pics not sure if they are in my budget or not. If i can't afford it I will have to get something from thinkgeek.com …hhhmmm

  18. Love this post!

    Though we’ll pass on the Magic Wand – FH’s brother is the Best Man and they’re both quiet, awkward type guys. The idea of FH giving his bro a vibrator made him spew his coffee (after I just suggested it to him).

  19. We got our guys these really nice pocket knives from BudK (like $7 ea…extra bonus!) and then my mom (who’s a trophy engraver) is going to engrave each blade with the guy’s name. They’re cool looking and “guyish” at the same time!

  20. Wow,Such a one of the best topic explaining about to unexpected groomsmen gifts ideas in to the blog.Thanks for this awesome information…

  21. We got them survival kits – we didn’t like the groomsmen ones so we brought serious survival kits andzombie apocalypse survival kits and put them in weekend bags with cufflinks, their ties and thank you cards. It cost £25 per bag in total.

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