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Groomsgirl rules you HAVE to live by

Groomsgirl rules you HAVE to live by

These are the official rules that all groomsgirls, best women, and any ladies standing by their favorite dudes: there are NO rules. We recently spied Orange is the New Black’s Lauren Lapkus at this super gorgeous vegan and pink wedding as one of the groom’s attendants. She ROCKED a feminine suit that matched the groomsmen and even walked one of the bridemaids into the reception. Hell yes! After that, we knew we needed another reminder of how awesome groomsgirls and best women can be. (Oh, and spoiler: these tips totally work for bridesdudes, too!)

Here are the things you totally do not have to do as a groomsgirl:

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Kerry & Kevin’s timey-wimey romantic Earthy wedding

Flower crowns, lush green and blue hues, bright ribbons on the maypole, and a gorgeous, corseted blue gown… I think a fair few of you are going to swoon over this one. Plus, these Earth-loving cuties took their Pagan leanings to the next level in their whole new last name! You have to read about it. Oh, and watch out for the “pair o’ Docs” lurking around the dance floor. You can’t trust those two.

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A 1920s Princess Bride surprise wedding

Kathy and Nathan dropped the ultimate surprise on their families and friends with a 1920s-themed birthday party ruse-turned-wedding! Not many people knew, but one in particular had to be in on the surprise. The officiant was dressed in full “Impressive Clergyman” garb and, naturally, began the ceremony with the famous ceremony monologue from The Princess Bride.

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Jamie & Mengmeng’s geeky Corgi-loving wedding

Jamie and Mengmeng (Jameng, as the tabloids call them) rocked a Chinese-influenced, geek-tastic, Joss Whedon-loving wedding celebrating all of their favorite interests. Get ready for chopsticks, Corgis, and a Serenity cake.

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What should a best woman wear? Fashion for groomsgirls & best women

You might think the only way to make a gender-blind wedding party work is to match the switcheroo with the other side of the party. But hold on, because that’s just one of a few options. Let’s take a look at what we’ve seen among our own Best Women and Groomsgirls. Bring on the ladies crossing the gender divide!

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Casey & Ari’s cultural mish-mash autumn wedding

This week we’re celebrating our awesome Offbeat Lite couples. This time we have a fall-colored wedding with lots of cultural elements and some crazy dancing. They even had a Best Dame and a Flower Tween. But beware of falling brides during the horah.