These pi toppers r not square

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Offbeat Bride, Michelle, created just about the coolest thing I've ever seen on a wedding pie…

Cake toppers

She made her bride and groom cake pie toppers standing in the shape of the pi symbol. No matter how you slice it, this pi pie topper is genius.

And if you want to see more from this geeky farm wedding — check out their wedding profile!

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  1. As the least mathy person ever, I am very, very proud that I got the title of this post.

    Even if it took me ten minutes.

  2. awesome. i really enjoy when people celebrate being intelligent and nerdy. (there’s a profound satisfaction in having a partner who understands that, and refers to matching your geek quotients.) =) that pi[e] topper is cute and clever, and i can’t wait to see the rest of the wedding!

      • Good! Because I was about to scour the web to find out where they bought it! We’re also having wedding pie, and I couldn’t figure out a suitable cake topper.

        • I made it out of Sculpey clay. The day of my husband’s family had to attach these little poker things to the feet so they wouldn’t fall over (one did at one point anyone, so a friend has a funny photo). If you want any advice on making a topper I do my best to help.

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