Open thread: Are there reputable eBay wedding dress sellers?

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Photo by MetroStyle Studios
Photo by MetroStyle Studios

Hi! I read the post about ordering a wedding dress from China. Thanks for it, it was great! I have looked at dresses in eBay and have found some lovely ones.

I would like to ask if you can recommend some reputable eBay wedding dress sellers? I have tried to find information about eBay-sellers in internet but all information I have found is old.

Thank you! -Lotta from Finland

We ALL know that buying from China is a risk on top of being an ethical quandary. If you were to ask us for our biggest and best advice for wedding dress sellers, we'd advocate for the awesome folks in our vendor guide like Wedding Dress Fantasy, KMK Designs, and Mischelle Jillene.

Of course, we also ALL know that there are different strokes for different folks. We have heard many a story of discount eBay dress sellers being awesome. So we open the comments for recommendations…

What eBay wedding dress sellers have you had great experiences with?

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Comments on Open thread: Are there reputable eBay wedding dress sellers?

  1. I’ve hard that Jeff lui on eBay is good.

    Babyonline from dhgate.

    Jasmines bridal shop, which had their own website. Lacemary on etsy. generally gets decent reviews.

    The best advice I’ve got about ordering from china is to be very specific with what you want. Tight ruffles? Higher neckline? High quality lace? Say so.

  2. I got my wedding dress on eBay! From a US seller, though. An outlet, I think. Their username (or store name?) is chas1112.

    It’s pink and has an enormous skirt (I’m a huge fan of the ‘princess’ ball gowns) and I would recommend them to anyone looking. They do flash sales so be sure to watch the items you want. Their list price for my dress was $599 +shipping, but they ran a sale and I ended up getting it for $350 with free shipping.

  3. Definitely check the reviews of the seller, that’s what makes ebay a bit safer than wedding dress resale sits or Offerup. What I did when I bought on ebay is purposely ask questions, and ask for a few more pics, to be sure it was as described, and that the seller was communicative.

    • Yeah, I think communication with the seller is key… yes, reviews are important, but they can be squirrely. Ultimately, with any online purchase, communication is key to establish trust.

  4. You should check into Sundays Bridal. They have a shop here in the Fort Worth TX area, but also have many many (affordable but designer) dresses on ebay. Also you may want to look at Goodwill’s online auction site, I have found NEW designer wedding dresses for less than $50 shipped. (When people buy a dress, but then find another dress they love, they sometimes donate these).

  5. Thanks for this post and the comments! I’d love to know if anyone has bought second hand and what sites they would recommend? I like a specific designer – Ghalia Lahav but refuse to pay thousands for a dress!

  6. I highly recommend TheLastMinuteBride! Jennifer runs the shop (based in California) and sells dresses that used to be samples in boutiques and even some new dresses. They offer returns for any reason (minus a restocking fee) which made me feel a little better. Jennifer was very patient in answering my many questions and was very helpful with sizing questions. I was able to get the dress of my dreams in my budget (barely!) and I couldn’t be happier with the process.

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