The wonderful world of Wai-Ching’s edgy, organic, and fiercely colorful wedding dresses

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Wai Ching's signature Zolotova dress
Wai Ching's signature Zolotova dress

You've heard me express my undying love for Chrissy Wai-Ching‘s colorful wedding dresses year after year after year after year. It's not just me who's obsessed — we have an entire tag full of brides wearing these fashionable works of art.

For those of you who haven't caught the Wai-Ching obsession bug yet, here's what you need to know: Hailing from Seattle (via Chicago, Hong Kong, and France) Chrissy specializes in making custom silk wedding dresses that not only astonish, but somehow project the celebratory nature of your wedding itself. Using hand-dyed silks, each dress is custom-made to meet your tastes and curves, ensuring that your wedding dress is truly one of a kind.

How does she accomplish such a thing for people all over the globe? We're not exactly sure. (Magic maybe?) But these brides might offer some insight…

The Verbena dress
The Verbena dress

If you're anywhere around the Seattle area…

You're in luck, because so is Chrissy's studio. You could easily pop in and, hand-in-hand, start scheming up your one-of-a-kind wedding dress. Even if you're hours outside of the Seattle area, you might want to make the trek to her studio, like this bride did:

“I drove up to Wai-Ching one weekend (that's 3 hours people!), spent a little less than an hour with Chrissy, and finally found THE DRESS. It's got color, style, comfort, and is handmade and dyed. I got lots of oohs and aahs on the big wedding day…” -Curlew A.

You can get subtle with the color too, like with this version of the Iris dress
You can get subtle with the color too, like with this version of the Iris dress

If you're anywhere else in the world…

If you're not driving-distance away from the colorful fairytale land of the Wai-Ching studio, that's okay too! Chrissy can hook you up with your dreamy dress, no matter where you're located. Check out these real tales of long-distance dress courtship:

“I wanted a unique, custom made wedding dress. And with several simple emails, she created the exact dress I wanted. It's fantastic!

Chrissy is very communicative, courteous, respectful, encouraging, and most importantly she listens. I had expected maybe 75% of my modified requests would be included, but the dress she sent me has all of my custom modifications included! Considering that I received a one of a kind dress, her prices are beyond reasonable.

Additionally, I was skeptical about sending someone who had never seen me my measurements in hopes that I would receive a perfectly fitted dress, but that's exactly what I received. A dress that fit me like a glove. Perfect!” -Leslie T

I'm in love with this boho dress style.
I'm in love with this custom boho look.

“Don't feel limited to the designs and colors on the website; I had Chrissy make some changes for me and ended up with basically the perfect dress. It was even more beautiful than I expected — the fabric, the fit, everything. I got about a million compliments.

By the way, if you decide to go with a non-traditional dress, be prepared for a lot of people to be surprised, then amazed. I still love showing off pictures of my wedding, mainly so people can see the dress. And that's what they always notice.

I highly recommend anyone considering ordering a dress who can't make the trip to Seattle (which I'm sure would be worth it, I just couldn't do it) go ahead and order. You won't be disappointed.” -Julia U

The Josephina dress
The Josephina dress

What are you waiting for? You heard the Offbeat Brides:

No matter where you are in the world. No matter what colorful and edgy wedding dress plans you're hatching. No matter how long it takes you to drive, or email… Go ahead and order your Wai-Ching dress. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. I discovered Chrissy through Offbeat Bride and just got my dress in the mail in Colorado a few days ago- it’s gorgeous, the color is exactly what I wanted (dip-dyed vivid gold) and it fits beautifully. Working with her long distance was easy and now I have a stunning gold and white gown just four weeks after I first contacted her! I thought it might be too close to my wedding day, but it wasn’t a problem at all. I highly recommend taking the “risk” and ordering from her no matter where you are- you won’t be disappointed!

  2. As a bridesmaid, I wore Wai Ching (we all did, as did the bride) and I could not be happier with my dress. That was four ‘plus size’ women of extremely varying body shapes and all of the dresses fit comfortably, looked beautiful, and lasted through a long night of partying. Plus, the price was so within my budget, my bridesmaid dress ended up costing the same as a nice off-the-rack cocktail dress….but fitting and looking better. Lovelovelove!

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