Luv Bug Weddings will turn ANY place in Las Vegas into your wedding venue

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After a massive heart attack and emergency triple-bypass, Reverend Tim Rowland decided to take a break from his full-time ministry services in Las Vegas. But he still wanted to officiate weddings with the aid of his wife Pam. So rather than finding another church project to tackle together, they decided to invest in a car that would help them launch a special wedding project: Luv Bug Weddings!

I'd like to use the rest of my time here helping couples celebrate their love. I've performed thousands of weddings for over 15 years in almost two-dozen different Las Vegas wedding chapels, as well as traditional church ceremonies. But I love the smaller, unique settings. It should reflect the couple's personality. That's why we say we provide weddings as unique as you are! -Reverend Tim

As part of Luv Bug Weddings officiant service, Reverend Tim and Pam now provide the opportunity for weddings to happen just about anywhere in Las Vegas. Here's how…

Btw, that graffiti wall is an awesome backdrop for wedding photos.
Btw, that graffiti wall is an awesome backdrop for wedding photos.

First, a story: a couple years ago I attended a last-minute Las Vegas wedding. And you know what was the most surprising thing? It was a giant pain in the ass, and surprisingly pricey. (Seriously, how do people manage to pull that all off while drunk?) If only I'd known about Love Bug Weddings back then… my friends could have got married in Vegas whenever, wherever, and on the cheap.

…Yup, I said wherever.

Get married in front of the Eiffel Tower, or a castle with Luv Bug Weddings!
Love Bug can show up and get you married in front of the Eiffel Tower, or at a castle!

Luv Bug Weddings can officiate weddings at home, in antique stores, in front of the Bellagio fountains, or the Mirage volcano, or the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, or even your tattoo parlor… you name the location, Luv Bug will show up and get you hitched.


Once you pick your perfect Las Vegas location, Luv Bug Weddings provides:

  • Wedding officiant to perform your ceremony
  • Witness (if needed)
  • Photographer to take photos of your ceremony
  • 20 complimentary candid photos of your ceremony
  • Filing of all legal paperwork for marriage license

…All that for only $119!


Seriously, Luv Bug Weddings makes Las Vegas so freaking easy — and pink-bug-cute, ammirite!? Just grab your marriage license, choose your Vegas location, and book your date.

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    • Hey Marissamae!
      If it’s the black and white mural you are referring to it is off of Las Vegas Blvd just before the Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas sign (if you are going north on the Strip). It is painted on the north side of the pink tattoo shop on your right. 🙂
      The desert photo was taken at Red Rock Canyon,
      the Eiffel Tower photo was taken at the Bellagio Terrace, and the parapets photo was taken at the Excalibur.

  1. Thank you Offbeat Bride for bringing us (me and my NEW hubby) and Luv Bug together!!! Not only were they super chill and professional, they got my pictures to me faster than they quoted!!!! Tim and Pam love LOVE and are truly a joy to work with. We got married under the “Welcome to Vegas” sign and Tim had us married in a professional and quick (5-7 min) manner before the mob of people there for pictures could stop “awww-ing” start getting annoyed. They really knew what they were doing and where to take pictures so it looked like we were the ONLY people there 🙂

    P.S. to any potential Vegas elopers … depending on the package you buy, you can “rent” a bouquet.” Very handy in Vegas or traveling in general 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the kind review. Tim and I truly LUV what we do! We feel honored to have been a part of your wedding. Thank you for choosing Las Vegas Luv Bug and trusting us with such a precious in your lives!!!

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