The offbeat bride: Katie – Nursing Student

Her offbeat partner: Dave – programmer

Location & date of wedding: The Black Mailbox, Area 51, Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada Desert — February 22, 2010

At The Mailbox

What made our wedding offbeat: This was a bit a crazy. We organized our wedding in less than six weeks! We had intended to get married Autumn 2010 in a more traditional way, but it just cost to much and caused so much drama. One of Dave's big ambitions was to attend the International UFO Congress one day. (He runs the Birmingham UFO Group.) I noticed that the conference was happening in Las Vegas soon. So I thought that we could go to the conference and get married at Area 51 while we were there.

The Men In Black

He was absolutely gobsmacked when I told him my idea but he loved the idea. I think this is probably one of the few weddings where the groom was more enthusiastic about the planning than the bride. Dave ended up sorting out most of the arrangements which made it a really relaxing time, pretty much all I had to worry about was designing my dress.

Contrast ME-Edit

I wanted a 50's style dress… which wouldn't get grubby on the desert floor! Luckily my mum is an amazing dressmaker and rustled up my design in a few weeks in the most stunning bright blue.

It's behind you :S

The wedding went amazingly smooth. The only problem was that I thought that desert meant it would be hot. But alas, it was actually minus temperatures and snowing!! We froze!

Area 51 back gate

We had the most incredible holiday of our lives, met some great people, made new friends… and got married. We really couldn't have asked for more!

A Poem

Tell us about the ceremony: The ceremony was quite simple but meaningful. Dave read me a poem he wrote for me which was just amazing.


Our biggest challenge: Our biggest challenge was overcoming the fear about how other family members would feel about us not having a traditional wedding. Organizing the whole thing in just six weeks was a bit crazy but great fun!

My favorite moment: Getting married on the other side of the world and having a wedding which was really just about each other. Laughing together during the ceremony and knowing that it was just perfect for us.

Little A'li'inn Art

My funniest moment: When Revered Ralf added in some extra vows. That from this day forward…I am the BOSS. Hehehe!

My advice for offbeat brides: Don't worry too much about tradition and family expectations, do something true to each other.

The White Mailbox


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Comments on Katie & Dave’s Area 51 alien roadside wedding

  1. I cant believe I didn’t realize it was elopement week. I think this is a sign. Me and the FH last night were thinking of just eloping than celebrate with our friends on the same day we planned to have our wedding.

    BTW this looks like fun. I love love love her blue dress! It looks like a beautiful day!

  2. This is flipping great. I wish there was an offbeat elopement site, instead of just one week. These are just so wonderful and beautiful and authentic.

  3. I love this!!! 🙂

    I second the idea of an OffBeat Elopement Site (or like a subset of this site). The supposed “stigma” against elopements is just ridiculous and *completely* outdated. Look how fun and beautiful all these are! 🙂

    P.S. I have made the same mistake with visiting the desert (not being from the desert originally). Esp. at nite, it is Freezing! Who knew??? Ha!

  4. An Offbeat Elopement Site would be so boss!!! I agree that not only would it be pretty and fun to see, but it would help remove that silly stigma.

  5. Wow.

    I know it’s obscene, but I just licked my computer screen over this dress.

  6. I love your blue dress, I always thought that a great dress was better than an average wedding dress any day. My dress was based on a dress design, not a wedding gown design.

  7. Holy crap. So cool. I was one of those little kids who studied aliens every day for years. I still watch the History Channel specials and such. If I was down near Area 51 I’d probably make a stop there for some photo ops, if not have a few post-wedding beverages at The Little A’Le’Inn.

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