Earrings for brides with stretched lobes

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Japanese rose porcelain plugs from SigilPlugs

I have stretched earlobes, 2G to be precise. Not as big as they could be, but they're definitely not bridal-jewelry accessible. Even though my ears are larger-than-the-average-bride, I want to play with the wedding bling too! i've seen some beautiful large-gauged fancy filigree, and diamond studded plugs online, but I've yet to find anything that really looks “wedding day” to me. have you run into any other large-gauged brides who've faced this issue and succeeded fabulously? i'm desperate for some inspiration! -Laura Sina

I love it when I get questions that other people have already answered for me. There's a whole discussion happening right now among readers about earrings for stretched lobes — and I figured I'd borrow some of my favorite answers from there to share, plus some of my own findings.

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These d20 dice plugs are perfect for your geeky DnD wedding … added bonus, they cover your “something blue!”
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How cute would these anatomical heart plugs be on your wedding day?

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  1. This is great! My ears have closed down from a 0g but they didn’t close all the way. I am constantly struggling with the earrings I want to wear. I always weigh my ears down and accentuate the droopy holes. Apparently I’m just wearing the wrong kind. Thanks for pointing out the elegant side of gauged ears.

  2. I had the same issue. I ended up buying 2 sets of the same earrings. One in white and one in black . They are sort of a cross between the first and last pairs. They are incredibly light weight and the white ones are particularly nice in the way they age.

  3. One of my bridesmaids is wearing blingy plugs for my wedding and I LOVE them, i’m trying to find something big and blingy for the other girls too!

  4. I really want the heart plugs. They’ll go so well with my pink & red & black scheme. xo

  5. Of course I would drool at the most expensive one. Those are amazingly beautiful.

  6. I really wish I could wear a nice set of plugs, I’ve only got one ear stretched though and because of it I’ve removed the jewellery so it would shrink down, now Im kicking myself doh!

    • I’ve noticed several folks clicked over from the comment (thanks!), but that’s actually just a preview page of goodies about to be posted… Please take a look at one of the more ‘live’ pages of our site, such as this one:

      There are also some fantastic ethnic jewelry options linked to from this page:

      …not to mention amber, horn, bone, stone, wood, bamboo, silver, bronze, gold, and other lovely options found throughout the site.

      We work with both brides and grooms to find the perfect plugs, shapes, and other fancies for their weddings and other occasions!

  7. I’ve used the regular eyelets and then wore fancy hoop earrings through them. That way I have the best of both worlds.

  8. I’m making my own jewlery for my ears…
    They’re an inch and five eighths so it’s pretty hard finding nice looking jewlery. I’m just going to the craft store and picking up some pearls and gluing them on some plugs i already have!

    • I do this now with all my plugs. I find funky stuff I like in the stores and super glue cheap stainless steel plugs to the back…

  9. Thank you for the suggestions in finding earrings. Having 7/16″ makes it difficult to find something at Kay’s. 🙂

  10. My partner and I own an online store, and make custom wood jewelry (we also read this blog because we’re getting married in September!)

    We’ve made a lot of plugs for brides/grooms getting married who either just want something fancy for the wedding, or who want traditional-style earrings inlaid into a pair of wood plugs either because it matches the dress or a pendant or because it has nostalgic value (family heirlooms, etc.). We can inlay ‘regular’ earrings into wood in most cases, do lots of hanging designs, etc.

    We also make ‘earring plugs’ that are drilled through the back and have a tiny hole in the front. The actual idea was for an old client of ours who was a bridesmaid and wanted to wear the same matching earrings everyone else was wearing, but had 00g lobes… these plugs have hollowed out backs and a tiny hole in the front, so ‘regular’ earrings can be worn through them and they hide the ugly butterfly back inside them. They’re nice everyday, but especially great for weddings, and if you’re wanting to coordinate earrings among multiple people and some have stretched lobes and others don’t, they can make that easy.

    • dude, PLEASE send me a link to your shop cause i’ve been after those plugs you can put earrings in for ages! When my lobes were smaller I could wear hoops just by threading them through my tunnels, but now my lobes are at 30mm and if I put rings in they fall to the bottom (obv, gravity!) and look stupid. xxxx

    • Hi there,

      What is the name of your shop? Also, what do you call the plugs that have the pin hole in the front?
      I’ve been looking for something like this for almost 10 years!


  11. I bought blingy plugs for my wedding on ebay.
    they cost $12 for the pair, far far cheaper than buying them in a store here in vancouver. they wanted $40 PER plug at most stores i looked at.

    they look great, and my mom is super happy because she doesn’t have to look at my huge holes, lol.

  12. Mine are stretched to 10mm (not sure what that is in g’s) and I’m planning to take out my plugs for the day and wear clip on earrings. That way I get loads of choice of what to buy and I won’t look back with regret in years to come if I decide I don’t like my stretched ears anymore.

  13. Pssst!

    You can get silicon plugs in flesh color, put a pin hole through the middle and wear whatever style earring you’d like, from traditional to extreme!

    No need to toss out all your standard pin earrings.

  14. If your willing to lay down some cash…I got some great cast silver bling from kolo piercing…or bodyartforms.com.

  15. My best friend got married last year and she has stretched lobes (10mm). She got some flared eyelets and took them to a jewellers. They got the pretty shiny dangly girlies things she wanted to wear, put in a piece of dowel in the middle of the plug and drilled a hole in it, gluing the post of the dangly in. The dowel was then glued to the plug. So there’s an idea for y’all… 🙂 Looked gorgeous.

  16. I’m getting married in a couple of months and have decided to wear a pair of antique rhinestone clip-on earrings instead of my usual plugs. My ears are a 0gague but I found clip-ons large enough to cover my holes. I had thought about wearing ornate plugs but realized that what I really wanted was a pair of earrings that would cover the ‘something old and something blue’ categories.

  17. Great idea! Would be cool to attach vintage clip on earrings to a plug.

    Also, maybe seeing if a glass blower could make some custom glass ones? Offbeat’s version of Cinderella!

  18. I found that putting clip on earrings thru my 1 3/8″ holes works quite well. Just turn the earring slightly to the side to clamp onto the unstretched part of the ear. Being inside the hole,it looks just like a large pierced earring and hides the large gauging. Lots of large clipons can be found at great prices at all the dept stores. Also, those clips can fit thru a 2 gauge hole.

  19. I’ve noticed that one of the best places to get beautiful earrings to wear with gauged ears is–at least in my area–the renaisance festival. Most everything there is hand made, and many earring creators have an assortment of different hoops. One woman at our festival in particular has shown me these amazing large hoop dangles that fit perctly into my 00g flares. This way, you can keep your ear weight light, but still have those beautiful earrings you’re drooling over.

  20. hi I found some great earrings in white ivory, different shells,bone, silver, and more for stretched lobes at kolopiercing.com good luck and congratulations.

  21. i have a 0G in my ears, but i also have other holes pierced in my ears. i wear my amber plugs all the time, and fun dangly earrings in my second holes whenever i feel like it. no changing, no missing out on all the fun jewelry i love! and most people don't even notice they aren't in the usual spot on my earlobe.

  22. I didn’t read through all the comments to see if anyone suggested this but along with pretty plugs you can use any fish hook dangles and slide them under your plugs as well. I do it all the time with mine 🙂

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