How a giggling hairy man inspired the easiest DIY hair fascinators ever

Guest post by kiki1106

easy DIY feather fascinator

It all started when my now-husband was trying to be seductive in a craft store with some feathers. I was trying to be serious, and here comes my hairy man giggling like a school girl and fanning himself with this giant feather — giving me blinky eyes and hiding his face.

I was laughing, and then it hit me: I could DIY feather hair clips for my bridesmaids!

They were seriously easy to make. And you can totally make these on your own as well. I believe in you.

easy DIY fascinators

I bought a purple and a white sprig of feathers in the flower department, some alligator clips, and buttons.

These feather sprigs already had the smaller feather strands all bundled nicely so all I had to do was snip the base with wire cutters (careful not to clip too close to the stems of the feathers), hot glue it to the hair clip, and add the button over the wrapped part of the feather stems.

It was really that simple. Now go out and take a look: The floral section of your local craft store will probably have all kinds of bobbles and glittery things on these convenient feather sprigs that are perfect for easy hair fascinators.

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  1. I got a large feather that came on some thick wire that was intended for adding to plants, and a headband from the dollar store. Cut off the big ol wire and hot glued it to the headband. Tadaaaa! I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it and have also had several opportunities to wear it post wedding. I’m seriously un-crafty, so if I can do it anyone can!

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