Use giant dice to show off your wedding date

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giant dice Save the Date

Offbeat Bride member Cari and her fiance Matthias just sent out their Save the Date postcards for their wedding in Aachen, Germany. These two smart nerds came up with a crafty way to highlight their wedding date: by building their own giant dice and positioning them just so.

Gamer geeks and dungeon masters, you're welcome for this awesome idea. And if you want giant d10s of your own, head over to Offbeat Home to see the tutorial!

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  1. What an adorable picture!! 🙂

    My fiance loves D&D and I’ve never been a fan of the clinking of glasses or banging of the tables. Then Pinterest saved my life; if people want us to share a kiss, they must come to our table and out-roll us using a D20. If their roll beats us, we will kiss, HOWEVER, if we out-roll them, we get to request them to do whatever we want. I foresee many table dancers, awkward single-mingles, animal impressions and dance battles in our future haha. I thought it was the perfect blend of his nerdy-ness and a way for me to avoid the annoying nagging of people I like to call my friends. lmao.

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