Display your travel photos at your reception

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Photo by Tristan Crane Photography
Photo by Tristan Crane Photography

Geoff and Michael met in London, got married in San Francisco, and have traveled around the world together. So they decorated their reception with their travel photos!

If you are a couple of world travelers and finding it hard to decide on reception decor, you might want to steal this idea! (As you know we totally encourage the stealing of ideas what with our entire archive of ideas to steal.)

Then head over to Geoff and Michael's wedding feature to see more of their gorgeous decor inspiration.

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  1. Lovely! We named our reception tables after places we’d traveled together & used our travel photos on the table signs.

  2. We were already planning this idea. We take thousands of photos every year and what better way to show our guests our life together then through our photos. Plus when we take a trip anywhere, we always get a postcard or 2 to show we’ve been there and we plan on using those as décor too. I do scrapbooking and I’m using my already made pages as décor too.

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