6 tips for designing your own custom wedding ring with Joseph Jewelry

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Custom organic flower gorgeousness from Joseph Jewelry

We love custom options and making something standard into something that is totally YOU. We see custom dresses all the time, and we pretty much know how that all works; but when it comes to a custom engagement or wedding ring, it starts to get a little hazy.

Maybe you start to think that a custom ring would be a big ol' splurge or that a designer just wouldn't understand what you're talking about. But seeing your idea come to life in the hands of a skilled uber-wizard of jewelcrafting can be so rewarding — like, permanent, amazing, new-family-heirloom rewarding.

We've partnered up with our longtime custom jewelry-making pals, Joseph Jewelry, to see what a custom ring entails and how we can make it a REALLY fun and creative experience. Because seriously, DIYing decor is awesome, but DIYing an item you wear every day can be truly worthwhile. Here are our six tips for getting the most from a custom ring designing experience.

1. Start early, especially if you're planning something really different

You want to make sure the jeweler has enough time to get it right (and to get your approval) before starting to craft the ring. Joseph Jewelry recommends leaving a couple of months if you can, to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

2. Gather up your inspiration

Expand your options to more than just a traditional wedding ring. Hell, this is Offbeat Bride — we never discourage going hog-wild! Search for imagery from literature, film, fandoms, nature, places you've visited, anything you love — and see if it can be incorporated into the design. Some jewelers, like Joseph Jewelry, have super-skilled designers on staff who will work with you to bring your Arwen's pendant-meets-the-One Ring piece to life.

Plus, you can always check out online guides (like this one which helps you narrow down your metal choices) to make sure you're boning up on what possibilities are out there.


Custom rose gold and diamond engagement ring from Joseph Jewelry

3. Utilize fancy-pants online features

On Joseph Jewelry, we've seen 3D modeling, uploading your own drawings/designs, and ring builder tools. These are NOT something you'll see on every jewelry site. But these nifty tools that allow you to build your ring from scratch or upload a drawing that you made can bring out all the creative juices you have ready to bust out.

And if you can see a 3D rendering of your ring before it even begins to be made, it will make you feel so much better about what you're getting. Peace of mind, man — it's everything. And if your vendor has in-house designers you can work with, let them guide you if you're confuzzled about what to choose. They know their stuff.


Art Deco-style blue sapphire halo and diamond engagement ring from Joseph Jewelry

4. Customize an existing piece if you see something you like that just needs a tweak

Even if you have your heart set on a gothic black diamond in a Poké Ball setting, feel free to peruse some existing rings to keep your options open. Joseph Jewelry, for instance, will customize their existing rings to your taste if you'd rather not start from the ground up.


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Custom blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring from Joseph Jewelry

5. Make sure your jewelry vendor is on the up-and-up

Check out any independent reviews or testimonials and find out how long they have been in business. Another perk would be finding out if they create the jewelry on-site or if they subcontract the work to another jeweler. Working with an in-house vendor can save you money and give you more control over the design.

6. Take advantage of getting a quote

The good guys aren't going to want you to go in blind. Feel free to get a quote on a ring you admire to see what it might run you.


Custom micro-pave halo diamond engagement ring from Joseph Jewelry

If this kind of heirloom-quality craftsmanship is in your plans, these babies can last for multiple lifetimes. Plus, there's totally no extra charge for custom-designing your jewelry with Joseph Jewelry, so the price of your piece will be based entirely on the materials used… which you have hand-picked!

So do you feel ready to take on the challenge of creating your own Harry Potter wand meets golden snitch ring? Yer a ring-creating wizard, Harry.

Thanks to Joseph Jewelry for supporting Offbeat Bride by sponsoring this post. Check out their custom process here and get started on your own ring.

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