Use chalk boards on your reception table to reserve spaces and entertain guests

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Rob & Stacy's Steampunk wedding

Stacy and Rob placed chalkboards in fun shapes on their wedding tables. As someone who spent the last few years shooting weddings, I hadn't seen anything like that, so I was intrigued to see the idea behind the table chalkboards. Turns out, these little guys did many different things throughout the evening.

Early on in the wedding they used them to mark the tables that needed to be reserved for the wedding party.

IMG 9010 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)During lulls in the reception it kept the kids, and adults alike, entertained.

chalk board message photos alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Their guests ended up writing sweet messages to the bride and groom, which provided us (the photographers) with some really cute shots. These remind me of photo booth pics without actually having to set up a photo booth!

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Comments on Use chalk boards on your reception table to reserve spaces and entertain guests

  1. We did the same thing and everyone loved the chalkboards! We also saved money as we didn’t need place names for the tables!

    We kept a few chalkboards from the day. We had wonderful drawings and messages – it was like an extension of the guestbook!

    • They kind of look handmade. I bet you could make them pretty easily with a jigsaw and chalkboard paint. Otherwise… you can find nearly anything on Etsy!

        • Karen you can buy chalkboard paint in a spray can so you can just spray a piece of wood 🙂

          • You know, I believe those WERE pieces of wood painted with chalkboard paint.

  2. This comes at a great time. I am not sure yet if we’ll need to mark the tables reserved but these would be easy enough to make and have on hand.

  3. We did something similar at my wedding last month. But we used wipe boards (aka cheap picture frames with a white piece of paper and instructions printed around the edges). There was 1 per table and 2 dry wipe marker pens so people had to share and talk to each other. They were told to play noughts and crosses, draw the person opposite, write a poem, doodle, write a message to other table, etc. It went down a storm! Really recommend having interactive things like this! I used it mostly to ask if my guests were having a good time and telling my mum to sit down (she kept wandering off when food was served). Seeing her run across the room like a naughty school kid reminded me that I’ll probably never grow up 😛

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