Can you handle a Burning Man wedding? Use this flow chart to find out…

Guest post by galaxygirl

burning man wedding flow chartWe're having our wedding ceremony at Burning Man.

At first I wrote out this really lengthy email, trying to explain what Burning Man is to a bunch of people who have no clue. It was a giant wall of text that got completely out of control (it's so hard to explain!). I knew I had to trim it down to the basics.

Then during a work meeting, I had a moment of brilliance — a flow chart!

We created and sent out what is essentially a Save the Date email for the Burning Man part of our wedding, with a flow chart. Because we really don't want people to make this journey unless they are entirely comfortable with the items in the flow chart.

And while most people are a “no” (as we figured), all the responses have been wonderful, funny, and creative.

Here is the Decision Flow Chart I made for our friends and family to determine if they want to/are able to come to our Burning Man wedding ceremony…

BM_Flow_Chart image

Want to download and create your own Burning Man decision flow chart? Click here for the Word doc!

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Comments on Can you handle a Burning Man wedding? Use this flow chart to find out…

  1. What about “In the event that you do not get tickets February 26, will you be ok not knowing for sure that you will have tickets until shortly before the wedding?”
    I’ve had plenty of friends drop out of our camp when faced with the STEP process, so if you’ve got folks coming from far and wide you might want to warn them that tickets will sell out and they might have to live with a little uncertainty for a while.

    But your flowchart is fabulous!

    • Thank you!

      I couldn’t figure out how to fit that part in a box 😉 We sent a separate email about the ticketing process today. I am trying not to worry too much about how that all ends up. eeeek.

  2. My boyfriend and I got engaged at TTITD last year, in our tent, covered with playa. (I proposed to him. Ring and one knee and everything.) We will have a ceremony back in Defaultistan for our families, but we’re also having a Burning Man wedding. Most of our friends will already be there anyway…

    I hope yours is wonderful!

    • Oh that sounds so special. I love it when ladies do the askin’ !! I hope your wedding is full of playa magic <3

      (I also really like telling people "Thursday!" when they ask if we've picked a date yet)

  3. That’s such a good idea! I think its awesome you’re going to include all of your loved ones in your celebrations, one way or another.

  4. This is the BEST idea!! Am trying to organise a wedding in Vanuatu and was feeling a little overwhelmed at save the date cards, invitations etc. Now I’m back in the game and full of enthusiasm 🙂 Thanks lady.

  5. I love this! And hey, finally someone to talk about my wedding story with! My husband and I got engaged at Alchemy: The Georgia Burn in 2012. I wrote a proposal on the Temple, but didn’t think he would see it right away. It was only about 20 minutes later that he saw it and we were officially engaged 😀

    We decided to have 3 weddings (I know, 3 freaking weddings!!) One for family (15 people), one for the pagan friends (50-ish people), and one at Alchemy 2013. We had the Lamp Lighters escort us up the hill to the Temple and had an amazing and emotional ceremony under the full moon. I would estimate about 300 people showed up and we didn’t know half of them! It was so perfect. Hooray for other Burners! And good luck!

  6. Love this! We’re planning a Playa wedding in 2016. We know family most likely will not be attending (and we are very ok with that 😉 and most of our friends are already Burners, though a few invitees are not, and I will share your flow chart with them! Perfect. I’d love to hear about your wedding experience, have you written about it somewhere? We’ll be looking for a photographer, and are trying to figure out how to do a reception back at our camp. Thanks!

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