Fill your wedding piñata with adult drinkies

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adult pinata {it was filled with mini plastic liquor bottles & chocolate liqueurs}

Heather and Ben love piñatas (as do we!) and had one at their intimate cactus garden wedding. But sometimes you want your goodie-filled paper animals to contain a little something something for the adults. So they filled it with mini plastic liquor bottles and chocolate liqueurs. I would imagine there was a line to take a whack.

This idea would rock for a child-free wedding. Or, if there are kids at your wedding, just have a completely separate pinata for them.

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  1. My brother and his fiance did this for one of their Halloween parties….shooters, glow sticks, candy and plastic rings. Best pinata I’ve ever had the priviledge of taking a whack at!

  2. I sooooo wanted a wedding pinata just like this! Apparently, a bier garten / restaurant isn’t an appropriate place for pinata whacking. Anniversary pinata, maybe?

  3. LOVE this!!! Immediately forwarding to FH. This will be awesome in conjunction with the Taco Truck we want at the reception! How awesome would it be to whack a pinata instead of cut a cake?

  4. Did this! It was a great idea, however, all of the little bottles busted on impact with the concrete floor (they were plastic!) It would work great on lawn or carpet, though!

  5. FH and I are doing this instead of a first dance. We are going to beat the shit out of something! As a team!

  6. Umm do I want this at my Fiesta themed wedding?! Is this a question?! Hell to the yeah I want this!! I love this right now and I would totally do one adult and one child one!! This just got me all excited, i’m going to have to calm down. 🙂

  7. FH made one of these for my birthday last year. He wrapped each bottle in bubble wrap to prevent breakage. It was SO much fun and he personalized the booze to things that I like. I highly recommend them to anyone.

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