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Not only were there a lot of Converse All-Stars worn at this wedding, but they got married by a monk wearing sneakers.

I did an interview with this bride about how she picked her black dress right here.

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  1. Thank you for posting! I was so addicted to this website before the wedding (got soo many ideas here) and now we’re a part of it. Too cool, thanks!!

  2. You MUST interview this bride! I would love to wear a black dress for my wedding but can almost feel the waves of judgment and disapproval from the groom’s family already. Did she run into any roadblocks, and if so, how did she deal with them?

  3. I’m getting married November 1, 2008. I’m wearing an all black dress, and I’m very excited about it. White is my least favorite color, and black is my favorite.
    If you want to wear a black dress, do it. It’s YOUR day. Would your rather regret not doing what you want on your wedding, or regret the shallow judgmental comments you MAY get from the groom’s family? Who cares about tradition? Be bold, and wear what you want. Poor them if they are that stuck in tradition. It’s just a color! :o)

  4. I couldn’t find any info about the location for this wedding? Where was it??
    I am especially curious because I recognize the monk from the photos – is he Rev. Kusala Bhikshu? Rev. Kusala gives Dharma talks and meditation classes at True Yoga in Thousand Oaks, where I used to volunteer! He is so awesome!
    If that is him in the photos, what a fanatstic person to officiate!

  5. Yes, that is Rev. Kusala! Isn’t he wonderful? He’s married a few friends of mine and he has such a wonderful presence, he was a natural choice for us. No one could have done a better job, he was incredible and really made the ceremony for us.

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