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Thinking of having a barefoot wedding? Have a SHOE CHECK for your guests!

Jessi and Dave had a barefoot backyard wedding, and how cute is this concept? As Jessi explains:

As guests came into the yard, there was a shoe check because we wanted everyone barefoot. The chairs for the ceremony were set up under a huge tree in a circle so that the guests would feel intimately involved.

If you're thinking of having a barefoot wedding, Jessi's wedding photos are full of inspiration for you. She was a barefoot bride, and most of her guests went barefoot too!



If you're thinking of doing this, keep accessibility in mind:

It's worth noting that some of your guests may be working with disabilities or other conditions that make being barefoot uncomfortable, or downright impossible. As one reader noted, “Some of us really need our shoes to avoid serious pain or difficulty walking.”

So while a shoe check is a cute concept for guests who feel comfortable to go barefoot, you may want to add a small note supporting those who want to rock their orthopedic chic footwear!


Want even more inspiration? Check Jessie & Dave's backyard wedding, or our browse our entire barefoot bride archive.

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  1. It’s a cute concept, and it looks like most folks really enjoyed the down-to-earth tone. But if folks do this, please provide an out for your disabled guests! Some of us really need our shoes to avoid serious pain or difficulty walking.

    • Ooh what a great point! Thank you so much for noting that. I’ll edit the post to add a bit about accessibility.

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