The moment we saw this photo, we were like “whoa.” And I immediately contacted the Amy, the bride, to get the scoop on this unique bouquet alternative. Here's the low-down plus more Barbie-licious photos…

Close up of the Lady Minions with their Barbies

I am and have always been a huge Barbie fan, I've been in love with Barbie since I was three. When my husband and I got engaged we started playing with ideas for incorporating our two favorite childhood things — for me, Barbie, for him the movie Flash Gordon. At some point early on (I think drinking was involved) I had the idea that instead of bouquets the girls could carry big poofy dressed Barbies.



The Barbies used are all dolls that I loved as a little girl. Each of the bridesmaids (we called them Minions) picked her own doll from my collection. One of my girls was so excited because she picked Angel Face Barbie (white lace top, pink skirt) which is a doll she and her sister fought over when they were little.

Happy, spinny bride

Another reason I loved the Barbie idea is because my mother is a florist. While of course I wanted her to do all my flowers, I also wanted her to just be my mom on my wedding day — not be my florist. At one point I was going to carry a Barbie bride doll as my bouquet, but my mom really wanted to make my bouquet — so, real flowers for me!


We also had a Barbie cake. Although the initial plan was to have no cake, it evolved into a Barbie cake of the type that I'd had as a little girl. My friend Jenny baked the cake in my mother's kitchen the day before the wedding and I knitted a green overskirt for her to match mine. Justin's Ming the Merciless action figure joined Barbie on the cake and my Mom gave Barbie a bouquet. And my name on our invites was patterned after the '80s Barbie logo. Ming the Merciless was also on the cake and Justin (my husband's) name on the invite was patterned after the Flash Gordon logo.

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  1. Flash…ah ha! Love this, Flash Gordon and Barbie, what a unique and personal combination. I love the cake especially, I can’t wait to show the photo to my husband. And I remember Angel Face Barbie too, but my favorite was always Day to Night! Congratulations, can’t wait to read more.

  2. OMG, I had that same Barbie outfit with the white lace top and pink skirt when I was a kid! I hated how Barbie’s pokey hands would always get caught in the lace when you were trying to dress her. This made my day.

    • Ahh! My grandma saved all my moms/aunts barbies from when they were little so I actually remember dressing my dolls up in that pink/white dress! It was a favorite!! ^_^

  3. This is cool, but what really caught my eye was that beautiful green knit dress. Gorgeous!

  4. Must.Have.Details.SOON!

    The invites are simply incredible. I love the childlike qualities that were involved in this wedding yet it still had the grown up feel to it. The photo of you either kissing his cheek or whispering into his left ear……beautiful.

  5. I like it. I’m not a big fan of barbie myself, but while I agree that a wedding is an important adult moment, there’s no law that says it can’t also be fun, and reference things we found joy in in childhood.

    I had zombies in my wedding vows, and a cutesy skull cake. Did that somehow negate the importance of my wedding day? I don’t think so.

  6. Every bit of it looked fantastic. As someone said, I love how you bring a bit of the kid into it. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging who we were on our journey to who we’ve become.

  7. OMG that green lace overlay! Did the bride knit it herself? Is she on Ravelry? I want pattern notes!

  8. Yes, the bride is on Ravelry. I wrote a blog about it and my RavID is overmama. Thanks everyone for your kind words!

  9. Hey I had the Barbie in the second picture when I was a kid!

    It came with its own makeup compact.

  10. Ah! How cool is this? And the lady in dark green in the second picture has Peaches n Cream Barbie, she was my fave!

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