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Our sponsor Brilliant Earth and its vintage ring selection — let me count the ways I love you… one-of-a-kind rings, eco-friendly choices, and a lot of these beauties cost less than their modern counterparts.

If you're looking into vintage engagement you're gonna love me, because I'm not only gonna break down the antique ring style guide, but I'm also going to show you some fabulous choices that are available right now (but for how long!?).

Let's start with the oldest styles and work our way up to modern bling…

The Plumosa Ring alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Edwardian style (1901 to about 1920)

A great example of Edwardian style is the Plumosa ring. With its lacy and intricate filigree and hand-engraved details, this baby is all about the decadence of the Edwardian period. It's also sparkly as hell with a price to match the bling!

The Loux Ring alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Art Nouveau (1890 to 1910)

Their Loux Ring is from the Art Nouveau era which was greatly influenced by depictions of nature. And would you check out that tiny little etched orchid detail? I'm letting out the tiniest girliest vintage-iest squee.

Art Deco (1920 to 1935)

Displaying exquisite craftsmanship from the Art Deco era, this 14K white gold Plumera ring has a classic shape, which highlights the beautiful patterning and detail.

The Harlow Ring alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Retro (1930s to the 1950s)

The Harlow ring is for you non-diamond gals. A big ‘ol Colombian emerald sits at the center of this remarkable Retro ring. Retro styles are not for the wallflowers out there — this jewelry was dazzling and oversized, lending the pieces a playful and whimsical dimension.

The Martina Ring alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Mid-century modern

With it's sleek lines, the Martina ring is good example of mid-century modern. And there are so many more rings to gawk over here.

With new arrivals coming in each week, don't be discouraged if the antique ring you fell in love with suddenly disappears. Bookmark Brilliant Earth's antique ring section and keep checking in!

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Comments on The antique engagement ring style guide from Brilliant Earth

  1. Love this- we know my ring is from roughly 1941 (the year his granfather proposed to his grandmother-it’s a family ring) from the Vanderbilt Jewel But from the looks of my ring and the info, it probably fits somewhere on the cusp of Art Nouveau and Art Deco (Soft curves and ivy + geometric square in the middle).

    Now I just have to find a wedding band that will match!

    • You can get a wedding band in a similar style, but wear the engagement ring on your right hand…This is assuming that your dilemma is finding a band to wear on the same hand as your engagement ring.

      • Yeah, the biggest issue is really trying to find something that fits the style/look w/out being too expensive. We have a ton of time and thankfully, he knows exactly what he wants for himself.

  2. It is probably a good thing that I am a broke student, because, man. I would probably buy bling instead of food if I had the money.

  3. I have a ring just like the Edwardian one…it was left to me by my great-aunt and was sitting in my drawer for literally 20 years since I just assumed it had to be costume jewelry. Boy was I surprised when I took it to get appraised- and that was the same day we chose our wedding rings! I seriously almost passed out.

  4. My engagement ring came from Brilliant Earth (sapphire, platinum, Celtic knot w/diamond accents), and I love it. I just wanted to say that if you’re thinking about Brilliant Earth, we have been very pleased w/product, service, quality, etc. The creative and unique designs are just amazing!

  5. We purchased estate engagement and wedding rings from a local jeweler. I love them!

    • Sarah, if they look authentic, it’s because they’re actually vintage. They’re not new reproductions.

      • I noticed it says the first ring is Edwardian “style,” which usually means a reproduction. Also, the cut on the diamond looks more contemporary, not like an old european cut diamond. Very pretty though.

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