How André the Giant helped guests drive home safely

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 | Photography by Dustin Cantrell

We're going to feature Emily and Branan's Star Wars, wrestling, and badminton wedding later this week, but I couldn't wait to share this impressive way to dissuade over-drinking and encourage safe driving at the reception. They used a little tidbit about the booze tolerance of the late and most amazing André the Giant, which if you've read this book like I have recently, you'd know all about!

Here's what the sign says:

André the Giant was famed for his prowess in the wrestling ring, kindness as a human being, and immaculate tolerance to intense levels of alcohol.

If you are reading this, you are not André the Giant.

Have a wonderful time tonight and enjoy the assortment of beverages at your disposal. If you have any doubts about driving home after this wonderful evening's revelry, please utilize the taxi numbers below. Your safety is vital to our happiness and peace of mind.

They then included the address of the venue and two local taxi numbers. Ingenious? I think so. If you think this is pretty neat, just wait and see how this couple used Murder, She Wrote to encourage an unplugged ceremony. Coming soooooon!

photography: Dustin Cantrell

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  1. I love this. Our friends have been known to whoop it up a bit, and our venue involves traveling over a lot of narrow winding roads. We’re encouraging everyone to stay overnight at the lodge where we’re having our party, but I may steal this idea anyway – as long as I can actually find cabs who will come out that far!

  2. This is GREAT! We decided to use this idea to promote the use of our volunteer designated drivers for the night.

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