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Comments on Make an 8-bit cake topper out of LEGO

  1. I’m planning on having a Lego cake topper (because our wedding is Lego-themed!) and found this to be so cute! I’m not doing the 8-bit people, but I am going to have a big 8-bit heart made as Legos as our cake-topper! Yay Legos!!! 😀

  2. I’ve thought about this too because we’re both into games but decided to go with a personalized papertoy as the cake topper. It won’t be 8-bit but still has a fun cartoon characteristic we’d like. And reminds us of those old school games we liked so much.

  3. Ha – Love this. Have a couple of gamer friends who may wish to get re-married just to have this cake topper! Just awesome!

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