Hey, remember that bit ‘o chartreuse wedding porn we teased you with a couple weeks ago? Good! Because Texas photographer Brandi Thompson was kind enough to share some more with us!…


Sarah and Celso got married at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. And Sarah rocked one of the coolest damn dresses I've ever seen. Plus she pulled it together with streaks of that vibrant green in her sexy short hair. And I'm sorry but, sexy doesn't even come close to describing this bride. Just check out this steamy photo…


Apparently the bride arrived to the ceremony in a hearse, accompanied by her “unofficial bridal party.” Celso, the groom, escorted her the whole way, from the hearse, up the path to the ceremony and down the aisle.



After the ceremony they took some fun pictures with Brandi and then they jetted off for a fun afternoon at Six Flags!


Head over to Brandi's blog to see more pictures and get more of the incredible story of the wedding she calls “The Little (Offbeat) Wedding That Could.”

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  1. Squeeee! I saw their wedding photos on my officiant's site and immediately of the OBT, and here they are! 😀

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