handmade bouquet, made by the bride using yarn and twineCheck out Offbeat Bride Sarah's awesome hand-made bridal bouquet made out of what looks like yarn balls! She explains how she pulled off this crafty look:

These are styrofoam balls wrapped in yarn and shoved onto floral wire. The leaves are cardboard wrapped in twine!

We think this is awesome wrapped in ZOMG! Crafty, yarn-loving brides — get to DIYing!

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Comments on Carry a bouquet of yarn balls

  1. The fiber nut in me is in love with this… And embellishing it! Using a drop spindle with a project on it for the stem, knit leaves… there are so many awesome variations on this lovely idea!

    • I was already seriously thinking of getting my favorite hand-dyer somehow represented in our wedding–this might be the perfect thing to make it happen. (Though if we do a handfasting I’ll probably also have knit or silk cords dyed by her, too.) It would be really cute with handspun yarn leftovers, too — I hate wasting them!

      and I bet I could even make it work with one of my existing drop spindles…I may have to consider this for reals. Oooh.

  2. LOVE!!!! I’ve narrowed my bouquet down to either pompoms or yarn balls. Maybe a mix of both!!!

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