The Day of the Doctor is coming in honor of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. What better way to relish one of our fave fandoms than to have a Doctor Who theme week? Allons-y!


The Offbeat Bride: Suzanne, Customer Care Specialist

Her offbeat partner: Tim, Business Analyst

Date and location of wedding: Hunters Valley Winery, Liverpool PA — June 8, 2013

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: Because my husband proposed when we were both dressed as Doctor Who characters (he was Captain Jack Harkness and I was Oswin Oswald), we had a lot of Doctor Who references at our wedding. Our colors were TARDIS blue and silver, my shoes had blue bowties (because bowties are cool), and my husband's cufflinks had Gallifreyan script.



Cork Guest Book

We have a tradition at home that when we open wine with friends, we write the date and the names of everyone present on the cork. I thought since the wedding was at a winery, using this as a guest book would be a great idea. We'll display the corks at home in a shadowbox with one of the wedding photos.



Tell us about the ceremony: Our vows to each other:

I, Suzanne, promise you, Timothy, that I will stand by you in sunshine and in storm, in darkness and in light, through good times and bad. Will you accept me as your wife?


The poem my sister-in-law read was by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. The poem is entitled, “We Two”:

We two make home of any place we go;
We two find joy in any kind of weather;
Or if the earth is clothed in bloom or snow,
If Summer days invite or bleak winds blow,
What matters it if we two are together?
We two, we two, we make our world, our weather.

We two make banquets of the plainest fare;
In every cup we find the thrill of pleasure;
We hide with wreaths the furrowed brow of care
And win to smiles the set lips of despair.
For us life always moves with lilting measure;
We two, we two, we make our world, our pleasure.

We two find youth renewed with every dawn;
Each day holds something of an unknown glory.
We waste no thought on grief or pleasure gone;
Tricked out like Hope, Time leads us on and on,
And thrums upon his harp new song or story.
We two, we two, we find the paths of glory.

We two make heaven here on this little earth;
We do not need to wait for realms eternal.
We know the use of tears, know sorrow's worth,
And pain for us is always love's rebirth.
Our paths lead closely by the paths supernal;
We two, we two, we live in love eternal.


Our biggest challenge: It was a bit of a challenge getting some quiet time while I was getting ready. Family kept stopping at the house where I was dressing. Once my Aunt Ann finished my hair and got changed herself, she handled the whole situation for me by leaving and having everyone else follow her up the hill.

Another challenge presented itself later. Because we didn't have ushers, people didn't figure out that we wanted them to walk from the ceremony to the reception (which were less than 30 yards apart). We ended up having a receiving line, which wasn't our intent, and which cut into photo time.

Wine Favors

My funniest moment: One of the funniest moments was when my friend James, dressed as the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, did the Drunken Giraffe on the dance floor, just like the Doctor does at the wedding in the episode “The Big Bang.”


My favorite moment: I loved walking down the aisle with my dad, Tim saying his vows to me, and the quiet moments of connection between me and Tim during our photo shoot. But one that sticks out to me is when I was handed a tambourine during the reception and danced with it. I realized that I was having a great time with all my family and friends, and no one was judging anything. I felt very blessed to have a partner, family, and friends who all love and accept me for me.

Wardrobe Change


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Comments on Suzanne & Tim’s Whovian winery wedding

  1. This is very similar to what I’m planning in terms of Doctor Who inspired as opposed to it everywhere.

    My bridesmaids are going to wear Tardis Blue and I think I’m going to make a Tardis as a card box, but it’s not going to be EVERYWHERE, you know?

    Great wedding 🙂 It looks like a lot of fun

    • Same here! I also want to have sunflowers for my floral decorations (as a nod to my very favorite episode, “Vincent and the Doctor”) and I’m contemplating numbering the tables with the twelve (thirteen?) Doctors. I want it to be enjoyable even for the guests who know nothing about the series, but have little touches for those who do to appreciate.

  2. What a fun, different wedding! I love the weddings feature in Offbeatbride posts. It was so inspiring and encouraging to me when I was planning my own wedding. It was nice to realize that I didn’t *have* to incorporate a lot of the traditional pieces. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!


    *melts into puddle of Whoness*

  4. Allons-y! Your Whovian touches are simply adorable, especially those SHOOOES (*drool*). And your Gallifreyan cake is amazing; I have been looking for a cake for our Whovian wedding, and I may have to borrow the idea. 😉

    Much happiness to you on your wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey journey!

  5. Hi everyone! I’m glad you’re enjoying my wedding in all of its Whovian glory. Even though it was just a few months ago, it’s fun to look back already. It’s true what they say, it will go by so fast and you’ll find you can’t remember the small details. You’ll wish you had more time to spent with everyone, so try to plan as much of that time as possible.

    One small detail for my fellow Whovian brides and grooms – this is where my husband got his Gallifreyan cufflinks:

  6. The cake worked really well with the theme and would have been great on its own too! Wonderful balance between tradition and theme throughout the wedding!

  7. My Husband and I just got married October 28th. We did steampunk and used romance novel pages to make origami flowers for my bouquet.

    If we had thought of Doctor Who, it could’ve been on our list of possible themes. The blue cake with silver Gallifreyan is beautiful!

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