Your cheatsheet for what to include on wedding invitation

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Your cheatsheet for what to include on wedding invitation
Timeless wedding invitations from Minted

When it comes to invitation wording, we've got you covered. But what if you just need a cheatsheet for what to include on wedding invitation? What do you HAVE to include and what's just a nice-to-have? Here's a recap of all the information you'll want on there, what bonus information helps, and what you can totally offshore to a wedding website. Let's get to cheatsheeting!

The basics

Yep, this is mostly about you and your partner(s), but also includes anyone hosting the event (paying parents, for instance). This may include step-parents, other family members, or maybe just you, if you're doing it all yourself.

Here are some ways we'd recommend hashing this out on the invite itself:

Date, time, location
The basic of basics: you've got to know where and when. You'll want to include and all venues (if there is more than one), addresses for all, the date (with year — these get planned well in advance sometimes!), and time. You're also not beholden to being super traditional here. There's no need for “two-thousand and twenty” when a simple 2020 will do.

RSVP information
I list this as a basic since it's usually SO important and SO hard to track. Here are our best ways to track down rogue RSVPS, if you need it.

Let everyone know if you'll want to hear from them via email or website, phone, or on a response card. Different generations have different preferences here (those Millennials and their anti-phone ways!), so make sure it's really clear with a deadline.

Your cheatsheet for what to include on wedding invitation
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The details

Wedding website
I recommend putting your wedding website address somewhere on your invitation cards, if you have one. It can be hard to get older friends and family to remember this even exists, so list it whenever you can. This is a great place to put a lot of helpful information while not being constricted to a small paper invite. More on this later.

If you're offshoring a lot of information to your wedsite, you may want to include a line like this:

Check our wedding website ( for directions, accommodations, registry information, and more!

Reception information
This may be moot if you're combining your ceremony and reception into one space, but make sure you're including any additional information about second venues when applicable. This includes the address and times for when it all goes down.

Your cheatsheet for what to include on wedding invitation
Enchanted Forest wedding invitations from Minted

What can you move to a wedsite?

A directions card is pretty traditional and not required anymore due to smart phones leading us everywhere we go (bathroom included, ha!). But it's nice to have if you are in a more rural area. Or push it over to the info pages of your wedding website since we live in a new age of amazing navigation! The future is now.

Accommodations and transportation details
This is one where, if you're omitting it from your invite in favor of a wedsite, you may want to put a line in the invite to let everyone know it's there. Keep pushing that wedsite, amirite? Include any hotel blocks or local places to crash here. Oh, and if you're helping with transport or parking, let them know that as well.

Registry information
This is one of those etiquette questions that is fairly safe to stop worrying about. No one will be offended if you include registry information on your invite or wedding website. In fact, some guests get upset when they can't find it! If you're using a registry (not required!), list it on your wedsite.

Letting guests know the dress codes takes a lot of stress off of them. They can know exactly what you're looking for at your costume wedding, your casual beach bonanza, or your black tie soiree. Here are tons of tips to make this easy.

Local information
Bonus information! This isn't required, but is especially helpful if you're having a wedding weekend. List some local faves and landmarks for downtime and/or information about getting around. Big cities especially can benefit from a little help ahead of time.

Other party information (welcome parties, brunches, etc.)
If you're having a rehearsal dinner, welcome party, morning-of yoga session, day-after brunch, or day-of LARP session, this is where you can expound all day about what fun it will all be and where to find it.

Your cheatsheet for what to include on wedding invitation
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