Too many groomsmen: what to do with a bazillion groomsmen?

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Mohawk groomsmen at this Arizona wedding as seen on @offbeatbride #weddings #mohawks

Our wedding party consists of Matt's brother and two of his buddies, and my cousin/childhood best friend (as “the best woman”) and my four brothers (as my “bridesmen”). Any tips on how to incorporate 9 men into a wedding? The only chicks are me and my best woman, Jenna, and my baby cousin (she'll be a 2 1/2 year old flower girl). In addition to the nine men, we have 4 little boys who will be taking part. A sausage-heavy wedding for sure! We're full of ideas, but I was wondering what cool offbeat ones you could add. -Shauna

A couple ideas:

  • Have all those groomsmen and bridesboys carry you down the aisle on a palanquin.
  • Have them create an arch of swords, light sabers, or anything else for you to walk down the aisle under
  • Time for a parade!
  • Give them fabulous titles and jobs like “Lead Camp Counselor,” “Wedding Captain,” “King of Ushers” (Lord of Ushing?), and give them all walkie-talkies. Or perhaps secret service sunglasses and ear-bugs?
  • Have some of them act as candle lighters, complete with blowtorches and/or flame-throwers
  • In terms of the ceremony, if you're planning a traditional “his/hers” wedding party altar situation, have your bridesboys stand on your side.

Offbeat brides, any other ideas?

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Comments on Too many groomsmen: what to do with a bazillion groomsmen?

  1. Wow! Awesome ideas Ariel! I love the palanquin… not my sort of thing mind, but I definitely LOVE the idea of the secret service guys! If only they fit with our theme ;o)

  2. I love the palanquin too!

    This is also a great chance to have the guys form up to do an “arch of whatever” for the B&G to walk under. You know, an arch of fishing poles, golf clubs, light sabers …

  3. I’m not having any bridesmaids or groomsmen…but instead, am having the people important to me stand at the front at the very beginning (and no one will be wearing ANYTHING matching). Each will have a flower and will give it to me…those flowers will make my bouquet. When they give me their flowers, they’ll go sit down.

    So that’s another idea. 🙂

  4. I hate to say this, but I’d be tempted to dress the 4 little boys as The Beatles.

  5. Anytime there’s more than five or six people it’s a perfect excuse for a parade!!! The only decision left is who has to twirl the baton.

    ps: I really have witnessed wedding parades before.

  6. I have a similar problem. It was easily solved for me because I’m having a Jewish ceremony, which means I need four chuppah holders. I see no reason why a non-Jewish wedding couldn’t still use a wedding canopy held up by people who mean a lot to the couple. One “offbeat” thing I’m thinking about doing with my holders is, when the groom and I start kissing, have them give a disapproving look to the audience, and then lift the canopy off the poles and hold it in front of us so that we can make out in private for a moment before peaking around the edges and making our escape backstage (yeah, my Temple is big enough that the pulpit has a backstage area).

  7. well, they could be flower boys! we made our little guys junior photographers (gave em good disposables and asked em to get us good shots, which was OK, even though they didn’t get anything that special that I know of).

  8. Oh my goodness, a palanquin is a great idea! I have ONLY men in my wedding party (though not as many), and we were also trying to figure out if I wanted to do anything special coming down the aisle. I love this!

  9. In a similar boat, it looks like we are going to have 9 to 11 groomsbabes (with me joyfully expanding my bridesbabes to match!). We are planning on having some of the groomsbabes function as ushers or guard the gift table until the time to join the rest of the wedding party comes, with one or two them acting as ipod DJs for the reception, and most of the wedding party joining the couple behind the dessert buffet table to serve the ice cream (in lieu of a receiving line). It’s a joy having so many close friends able to join us, but I will admit I was a touch overwhelmed when my love gave me the list for his half of the wedding party and I realized I wanted my list to catch up with his AND find special jobs for these friends to fulfill as well!

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