Offer a wedding popcorn station for theater-style snacking

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Offer popcorn at your reception -- as seen on @offbeatbride
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Remember Scott and Arthur's super adorable Castkills wedding where they made us grin like whoa at their antics? There was even more to see. At their reception, they offered up a movie theater-style popcorn station complete with popcorn bags for self serving. Oh it's so theater-tastic! Take a page from their book if you want to offer a pre-dinner or late night snack to your guests. And don't forget the popcorn shakers!

You can even snag the maker and the bags for your popcorn station on Amazon. Plus, if you buy it instead of renting, you can put it in your house for movie nights! GAH.

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  1. We did this for our wedding in April! It was under $100 to rent the machine & purchase the supplies. Our venue was super awesome and manned it all night and didn’t charge us an additional fee. Our guests absolutely loved it and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable late night snack option.

  2. My daughter is getting married on 4-20-17,(they both work for a dispensary,hence the date,but it’s not the theme) and I have a comment and I question.First,the dress is black,which even our Pastor & church family didn’t bat an eye at,& I was wondering do I ask the women not wear black for the same reason not to wear white at a traditional ceremony?Now the popcorn; one of the ladies at our church makes TO DIE FOR popcorn,(the bride loves it)-it’s popcorn drizzled with white chocolate & cashews.I’m giving it as a wedding favor & calling it,Miss Jackies’ wedding night “Whoopee” popcorn! AND,it just so happens my mom has a popcorn machine for her game room so It’ll be fast,sentimental,AND frugal! All my faves!

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