Are there wedding-friendly industrial barbell earrings? You know it.

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Photo courtesy of Etsy seller Heatherluvs
Offbeat pierced couples: are you wearing your industrial barbells at the wedding? If I know our Offbeat Bride readers, you'll be all for it. See this collection of wedding plugs (and the many comments!) for proof. I went on a mission to find wedding-friendly barbells that could match the laciest or raciest wedding wear.

Flowers, hearts, and Irish Claddagh designs are awesome to soften the edge of the piercing, but I couldn't help including some skulls and twisted designs, too! Check them out and then tell us where you plan to snag your set!

Stainless steel flower barbell
Stainless steel flower barbell

I love the vintage feel of this flower barbell. I feel like there would be an amazing vintage headpiece that would go really well with this. Maybe this one?

Industrial Barbell Stainless Steel Heart
Industrial Barbell Stainless Steel Heart

An arrow through a heart? That has to be a keeper when it comes to wedding-friendly, right?

Skull Industrial Barbell

And then there's this killer black skull. It's more hardcore, but I know there are brides who would own the shit out of this.

Blue skull charm via Etsy seller Azeetadesigns
Blue skull charm via Etsy seller Azeetadesigns

Another skull, but a whole different look. It's total pretty skull territory.

Turquoise stone cross by Etsy seller
Turquoise stone cross by Etsy seller Azeetadesigns

Bringing your piercings AND your faith? Oh, I think this may fit the bill. It can then double as your “something blue,” if you're into that.

Twisted barbell from

Oooh, this one is trippy and classy all at once.

Everlasting spiral barbell from

What? An “everlasting spiral” barbell? Oh, the symbolism! We will forever be together in our love of each other and cool piercings.

Sterling silver claddagh

Here's even MORE symbolism, this time in the form of an Irish Claddagh barbell. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty.

So I know ya'll are going to go crazy letting us know your favorite places to snag amazing barbells, right? Lay it on us!

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  1. Ooh I had never thought about wearing anything but a straight barbell in my industrial.
    I’m almost 2 years past my wedding day, but I can still ooh and ahh at pretty jewel leery for everyday wearing!

  2. Shame these are all from low quality companies, with materials not suitable for insertion into the body… 🙁

    Pierced brides (and grooms), look up Anatometal, Body Vision Los Angeles, and Industrial Strength for some body jewellery that is seriously awesome, and is safe for you to wear too!

      • A huge majority of body piercing jewellery available out there is made from low quality materials, like 316L or “surgical” steel. Not all steel is made equally, and there are many different alloys and grades available. 316L and “surgical” steel, are a low quality alloy, containing an unacceptable amount of nickel which can cause skin sensitivities, allergies, and delays in healing.

        These low quality pieces also lack a proper surface finish, meaning they often have lots of scratches on the surface. These scratches irritate your piercing, and trap bacteria in the grooves, leading to problems like irritation lumps and bumps, and even infection.

        High quality materials include ASTM F-138 steel and ASTM F-136 titanium (implant grades, meaning it is safe to be worn in the body). Nickel-free 18k gold is also acceptable, as in Niobium from a reputable vendor (like the fine companies I mentioned above).

        Many, many people aren’t aware of this information, so low-quality jewellery continues to flood the market, and more and more people have serious reactions to this jewellery.

        Not to mention the fact low-quality jewellery is manufactured in China and Korea, which also makes me concerned about possible exploitation.

        Hope this is informative!

        • Just to be devil’s advocate, I just want to point out that a lot of surgical steel is fine for most people, including those with sensitive skin. I have HELLA sensitive skin – I’m talking can’t-wear-perfume, chemicals-gave-me-ear-infections-that-led-to-cysts levels of sensitivity. Even real silver gives me rashes if I wear it for too long and I only buy nickel-free earrings or else my lobes swell up like a mother. And I have had a grand total of 17 piercings in my life, including many various facial and body piercings, and I have never, ever had an issue with surgical steel. I’ve been rocking a surgical steel barbell industrial for like eight years, nipple ring barbells for longer than that, and I’ve never changed the jewellery, and never had a problem.

          I’m not saying you’re wrong or that some people do have reactions, but just wanted to point out that for your average pierced lady, even one with very sensitive skin, surgical steel is probably fine, especially if you’re just wearing if for your wedding day.

          • Not all surgical steel is created equal. There are many levels of quality, so labeling it “surgical” is very ambiguous. Your piercer most likely had higher quality jewelry, which is why you didn’t have a bad reaction.

            That said, while it is good to warn people, im sure the people with sensitive skin know what kind of jewelery they can’t wear, and even if it is low-quality jewelry you’ll most likely only be wearing it for a few hours if it’s for the wedding.

          • “Surgical steel” isn’t an indicator of quality. It is a bit of a silly name given to some jewellery to make it seem safe, but it doesn’t really mean anything. Implant grades (ASTM F-138 and F-136) meanwhile show that the jewellery is made of materials safe to wear in the body.

            Just because you don’t have a reaction, doesn’t mean other people do not, nor does it mean that material is safe for long-term wear. People can make their own decisions about the jewellery they wear, and I just wanted to let people know that not all jewellery is made equally. 🙂

            But I certainly wish that low quality jewellery wasn’t sold in the sheer quantities that it is. 🙁

    • I have lots of stuff from BodyArtForms currently in holes in my ears and face, and have never had any problems.

      • BodyArtForms is a retailer that carries jewellery from many, many different wholesale companies. Unfortunately, they carry quite low quality jewellery along with jewellery from some of the best jewellery manufacturers in the world (Anatometal, Industrial Strength, BVLA, Maria Tash, etc).

        It is great that you’ve never had problems, but that doesn’t change the facts about jewellery quality (implant grades, etc)! 🙂 As I said above, you can make your own decisions about what jewellery you want to wear, but I wanted to mention the facts about jewellery quality! 🙂

  3. If you’re looking for beautiful jewelry, look for Anatometal, Neo Metal, or Industrial Strength. You can have a high quality studio order custom pieces for you.

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