Having trouble finding sleeved dresses? 13 looks that prove it’s worth the effort

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Some of our super duper favorite dresses in our real weddings sport glam-as-hell sleeves, so we're celebrating this less arm-baring fashion. Prepare yourself for a deluge of loveliness in the form of ruffles, feathers, satin, and lots of lace.

1. Black lace sleeves add just the right amount of goth to your glam.


2. And black FEATHER sleeves add just the right amount of omggivemethesenow!


3. I don't want to live in a world without these Victorian-era sleeves.


4. Custom dresses like this one can totally bring out your retro-with-sleeves side.

Photos by Claire Morris
Photos by Claire Morris

5. Purple sleeves, purple crinoline… we are so down.


6. Kate Middleton may have started a resurgence of long white lace sleeves, but we've got a jones for long black ones, too.


7. Oh yeah, show off that gorgeous flared sleeve!

Welcome to something!

8. More ethereal goodness from this medieval wedding.

The happy couple

9. Yes, I know, more black lace. But look, there's a peekaboo cutout (And some naughty cake eating)!


10. Rich red ruffles like red red wine (earworm!).

Love you

11. Sheer bliss with sheer black sleeves.

Dad walking me down the aisle

12. There's nothing like pairing a pretty sleeve with an amazing full sleeve!


Want even more? We've got lots more sleeved dresses in our archive.

photography: Milestone Images

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  1. I remember the story of the purple and black wedding dress and loving the purple hair big time!! I also wish I had found the very first wedding dress with lace yoke/ sleeves dress, for my wedding but ended up with a laced red wedding dress. All of these dresses above are just beautiful!!

  2. Yes! For so many years, designers seemed to think every bride wanted a sleeveless (and usually strapless) dress. Bless Kate Middleton for changing the trend!

  3. I had a dress with sleeves too 🙂 It was crocheted, they could have made it anyway I wanted. And I wanted sleeves :))

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