Sabrina’s Amazing Wedding Dress Paintings

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obb1I just discovered a fellow wedding blogger Sabrina and OBT member Blablover5‘s amazing talent for re-creating wedding dresses on canvas!

It all started when she realized “the most expensive piece of clothing I have ever owned was sitting in the closet, I decided to create a painting of it.” And she did a phenomenal job.

She then started doing paintings of other people's wedding dresses and groom's suits, much to the delight of the brides. And that's when she realized that she had a good thing going here and opened an etsy store.

Now Sabrina's hobby can turn into wonderful and unique way to commemorate your wedding day! “Everyone deserves a little art and keeping with that idea I charge what is basically the costs of making and shipping the paintings. I am not hoping to make any major income, just support my hobby and hopefully bring some joy to someone.”

“…the most expensive piece of clothing I have ever owned was sitting in the closet, I decided to create a painting of it.”

What inspired me to ask Sabrina for my own painting was when I saw the one she did that was not only a bride's wedding dress, but the groom's suit and their dog who had recently passed away.


I excitedly told Sabrina that I would love to introduce her to the offbeat brides and is now looking forward to recreating some of the amazing offbeat wedding dresses that you wonderful ladies have worn on your big days! (Psst, she confessed to me that she's hoping to get asked to do a blue one.)

il_430xn_71338227And not only would these be a great gift for yourself, but she recently did a painting that was commissioned by a friend of the bride to be given as a wedding shower gift from a photo of the bride at a dress fitting and with the information that the wedding colors were black and red. (See the result to the left.)

And just as a fun side note… While her paintings may not have a warranty against fire, lightning, flood or earthquake or other actos of god, she may — if you include adorable picture — cover acts of dog.

So check out Sabrina's awesome paintings and then hopefully one day she'll be so kind to fill out a bride profile so that we can get the whole scoop on her crazy Halloween wedding (hint hint Sabrina).

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