You can have your cake and & NOT eat it too.

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What happens when a crafty offbeat bride doesn't like cake but doesn't want to miss out on the aesthetics that a “wedding pie” just doesn't quite provide?

She crochets one…


Wow. OBT member Corinne is responsible for this amazing wedding creation (as well as the fabulous crocheted flower embellished bouquet from last week). This crocheted cake has all the beauty and drama of an offbeat wedding cake without all the expense and the possibility of cake in the face.

(OBT members can see an even larger version of the photo here.)

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  1. OMG Creepy Cute Skeleton Bride and Groom!!! I’ve considered making the creepy cute Cthulu to include in one of the centerpieces. If I made it bigger, I could probably use it as THE centerpiece at one of the tables.

    • Also, I don’t have the patience to make the curly “piping around the bottom of the cake. I tried it once on a baby blanket, and wound up doing 1 on each corner that was about 2” long. Those things take FOREVER!!! I applaud her tenacity!

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