“Wearable art” wedding dresses from Wai-Ching: made in Seattle for Offbeat Brides worldwide

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I swear to gawd the photo up above is a like a film still from one of my favorite dreams: in which I'm surrounded by gorgeous gowns from our sponsor Wai Ching, while I'm WEARING a gorgeous wedding gown from Wai-Ching. If you're a long-time reader, you've probably also had this same dream, since you've been drooling over these amazing creations for years.

Now's the time to stop dreaming and start designing your own Wai-Ching wedding dress. Although, feel free to keep up the whole drooling thing, as we check out some of the dresses that could soon be yours…

khandro dressI love how Wai-Ching describes this Khandro dress: “Silk collaging form this indelible expanse of art to wear.” I almost love that description as much as I love the wow-factor of the back of this design.

But let's be honest, ALL of Wai-Ching dresses are wearable art…

seafoam1Sigh… check out the Seafoam L'Arbre Dress. This is the wedding dress I wish I had worn. One of you have to jump on this gown so I can live vicariously through you. Just imagine how incredible this would look at a beach wedding!

www.abbeyhepner.comWhat about the fluffy prettiness that is the Josephina Dress? You can totally see what this dress would look like if you wanted straps if you click here. That's one of the best parts of a Wai-Ching dress — the option to customize it into perfection. Even though Wai-Ching is based in Seattle, she's worked with Offbeat Brides all over the world, including Austin, Illinois, Toronto, London, and France. No matter where you're located, Wai-Ching can work with you to craft your ultimate wedding gown.

Catalan dressMaybe you're looking for a simple and chic wedding gown, but want to mix it up with just a splash of shocking color. You're gonna flip over the this Catalan dress, that proves you don't have to spend a fortune to get an incredible wedding dress.

zolotova back2[7]Maybe “simple” isn't in your vocabulary, you'll want to go for some full-on, heart-flutter-inducing drama in a dress like the Zolotova dress.

Or maybe you want to be like Ariel, and get a Wai-Ching dress you can wear all the time. (Did you catch Ariel's colorful Wai-Ching get-up at the Seattle Lovesick? Wait until you see the back!)

No matter what your style, Wai-Ching is you're go-to to find your favorite piece of wedding dress art.

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Comments on “Wearable art” wedding dresses from Wai-Ching: made in Seattle for Offbeat Brides worldwide

  1. Go go go and get a WaiChing. I got a “dress” rather than a “bridal” dress for my wedding, a two tone cherry dress with long flowing straps like the Khandro and pinned them with a brooch. Best part, Chrissy pulled the colors for the dress FROM THE BROOCH. AMAZING.

  2. These look lovely… I just wish they would show a couple of the dresses on non-super skinny models. (Obviously not an issue unique to this designer, but if you’re looking to appeal to OBB readers it would be nice to show some diversity of body styles.)

  3. I highly recommend Wai-Ching. I purchased the Panderetta dress for my wedding. It isn’t even shown on her website, but I tried it on in her studio and was able to customize the color, style and size all for under $800. There are no extra charges for alterations either. She made this 14ish size, jeans & t shirt gal feel beautiful on the special day.

  4. Add me to the chorus singing the praises of Wai-Ching! Chrissy was able to take the amorphous vision swimming around in my head and make it not only real, but perfectly fitting. All from 3000 miles away!

    Bonus: I still wear my dress all the time!

  5. These dresses are gorgeous, but can you get them custom sized? It looks like the biggest waist size you can get is 34, which is definitely not going to work for me.

    • Totally, if you order, she sends you a list of measurements to provide. Since I live quite far, I had minor alterations done that cost less than $30.

  6. Every single time an OBB profile comes up with a Wai-Ching dress I need to wipe the drool off my face. The colors! The texture! The stitching! They’re all so beautiful!

  7. I have a wai ching dress and I LOVE it. If anyone is interested in seeing a modified Zoltova on a street size 8 (so bridal size like 26) email me at [email protected] and I’m happy to share my wedding photos! I was actually similarly nervous because all the models are so teeny- I found someone on her fbook page who was a more reasonable size, messaged them and she emailed me some pics so I totally understand!

    I have to say working with Chrissy was a dream- dress was done in under 12 weeks and fit like a glove when it came in. I got (and still get) SO MANY COMPLIMENTS on the dress. My best friend made my paper flowers all to match the colors of the dress, and another friend made my veil with some swatches from the hand-dyed fabric. It was really a total dream!

    • Hello, I have been admiring the Zolotova dress for awhile and have been searching for one used since I cannot afford it new for my wedding in Sept. Is there any chance you would be interested in selling your used wedding dress? Sheila

  8. Wow. I love my dress, but I do kind of wish I’d seen these before I bought it, especially this one, almost 1/3 the price of my dress.

    • One of my good friends had a variation of that dress . . . It’s gorgeous!

  9. I wore a Catalan at my wedding in 2012! The entire process was quite literally the simplest part of planning our wedding. I knew I needed it from the first time I saw the picture – I simply sent in my measurements and *bam* I had a dress three months later. It fit like a glove and I didn’t need any ridiculous undergarments.

    Now if I only had a reason to wear it again …

  10. Although it was out of my budget for my wedding day, I WILL own one of these one day! I almost regret not moving some money around to get one of these amazing creations!

  11. *sigh* I wish I found out about these dresses sooner; I already have my dress on the way by my seamstress, so it’s too late to change.

  12. My Wai-Ching dress should be arriving this week (!!!!) for my wedding in March (!!!!!!!!!) and I’m so excited I can barely breathe. Chrissy and her team are THE BEST.

  13. I have a Zolotova in a size approx UK 16, it is so so stunning. Really nerve racking ordering a dress from the US, and Chrissy was so chilled out about everything on her emails I thought she couldn’t be real! Totally worth stepping into the unknown, I cannot wait to see my friends and family’s faces!!

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