Bring the celebratory drama with a wedding ceremony balloon drop

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 | Photography by Jacquelyn Ralls-Wilbanks
Wedding ceremony balloon drop
Photos by Jacquelyn Ralls-Wilbanks

Okay, so this idea will only work for certain venues, but when it does work, it's EPIC.

Alisha and Jennifer's glittery unicorn wedding featured an actual real live ceremony balloon drop! Balloons make for the biggest “confetti” ever.

Plus, you can coordinate it with your theme: rainbow, black and white, marbled balloons, metallic balloons… anything goes.

Wedding ceremony balloon drop

As you can see, they hoisted up a ton of multicolored balloons with a big net and when they kissed? Balloon drop magic. You can find balloon drop kits at places like Amazon with a few balloons or thousands, if you want.

If you're looking for this kind of ceremony drama (as opposed to the people kind!), check in with your venue for options. They could be totally down for it.

Making balloon drop magic happen:

Wedding ceremony balloon drop
Balloon Release from Amazon

Grab a full kit of balloons + the net, or if you want just the bag and want to customize the balloons separately (color coordination, y'all!):

Wedding ceremony balloon release
Plastic Balloon Bag (bag only) from Amazon

All the pretty balloons…

Wedding ceremony balloon release
These  Confetti Balloons are sold by Lolas Confetti Shop


Wedding balloon release
Confetti Balloons from Lolas Confetti Shop


Wedding balloon release
Heart Balloons from Caveman Party Supplies
Wedding balloon release
Huge 36″ Round Latex Balloons from Party Sparkles

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