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Wedding balloons and tons of decor ideas like arches, columns, engagement photos, and more! WARNING: This archive will be dangerous for globophobics. (Hee hee!)

unique unity ceremony balloon fasting photos by JAMILAH PHOTOGRAPHY 2 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Try a balloon-fasting instead of a handfasting as a unique unity ceremony

Since this was our second wedding ceremony, we wanted to find a way to make our celebration feel new to us, while still incorporating a ritual that would be recognizable and meaningful to attending family and friends. Behold: THE BALLOON-FASTING! 

Leavenworth Elopement photos by Everlasting Everly Photo on Offbeat Bride 16 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

An intimate “Up” Adventure Party Leavenworth elopement with gluten-free pizza & donuts!

After we postponed due to COVID, many people asked if we were going to elope or downsize, but I was just so hesitant… I didn’t want to abandon all my wedding plans and dreams. By the end of 2020, I found myself actually considering an elopement.

When I asked Jeremy what he thought of the idea, he told me that all he cared about was marrying me (*heart eyes*) and I felt the same. At the end of the day, that’s all we wanted.

An ultra chic high-flying hot air balloon wedding over Palm Springs

An ultra chic high-flying hot air balloon elopement over Palm Springs

Caity and Tim are two adventurers from Australia who had planned a cross-country road trip that began with a sunrise elopement in a hot air balloon that floated over the Palm Springs desert. After they touched down, it was on to exploring the desert towns and meandering back to the hotel for brunch by the pool. They then planned the rest of their cross-country road trip across America.

Just wait until you see this ultra chic high-flying hot air balloon wedding…

Wedding ceremony balloon drop

Bring the celebratory drama with a wedding ceremony balloon drop

Okay, so this idea will only work for certain venues, but when it does work, it’s EPIC. Alisha and Jennifer’s glittery unicorn wedding featured an actual real live ceremony balloon drop! It’s the biggest “confetti” ever. Plus, you can coordinate it with your theme: rainbow, black and white, marbled balloons, metallic balloons… anything goes.

Offbeat ceremony backdrops

Paper flowers, garland, and pizza(?): These alternative wedding ceremony backdrops are groovy

Did you see our roundup of macrame wedding backdrops that totally double as home decor? I found a whole slew of alternative wedding ceremony backdrops that give that a run for its money. From balloons to bunting to huge paper flowers and succulents wreaths, there’s something in the vein of flora and fauna that will suit your ceremony decor needs.

Use them as ceremony backdrops, as your arch, in your photo booth, behind your sweetheart table… anywhere you like. Ready to peruse your options? Let’s go…

When your wedding party photos totally win the day

When your wedding party photos with emoji balloons totally win the day

Liz and Adam’s movie-themed wedding is coming in full later this week, but we couldn’t help wanting to share a little smidgen of their wedding party photos. They used emoji balloons to give their group shots some timely fun.