One of Ashley's bridesmaids couldn't make it to the wedding due to health issues, so she was virtually walked down the aisle via Skype! There is no reason in this wild technological age that webcams can't bring us all together.

Here's what Ashley said:

We decided to not let distance stand in the way, and set up a wireless router so that she could be with us via Skype. We had one of the groomsmen carry a laptop with my bridesmaid down the aisle and put her on a small stand with the other attendants.


Naturally, you can use this trick for wedding guests too, like Scott's mom and stepdad “sitting” in the front row:

S + S

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Comments on Don’t miss out: be a virtual bridesmaid via webcam

  1. YES!!!!! I suggested this to my FH since his best man can not make it. We are still working on some kinks but YAY!!! Love it!

  2. We are setting up a video stream or Skype dealio for out of town guests that still want to be “present” but can’t make it out. AWESOME. 16 days to go!

    • We’re doing a Google Hangout because we don’t expect more participants than the limit is, and everyone and their mother has a Gmail account already.

  3. We did this with my sister. She’s a doctor in her first year of residency so making it out for our small pre-wedding marriage wasn’t possible. She’d just finished working her 5th night shift in a row and her loopy chatter and whooping was a highlight for me. My friend even held the iPad over her face so my sister could be with us in family photos. It was hilarious! (and just what the doctor ordered to add some levity to the day :D)

  4. We are doing this for my sister. I am getting married September 8th and she is 8 months pregnant. So we are setting up an Ipad at the alter so she can see us walk down the aisle and also see the ceremony. I am excited others are thinking this way too!

      • Congrats! It will be a fabulous day for all! I wish you a wonderful ceremony and a spectacular day! Hopefully everyone who is doing this Ipad/ gmail will have a successful go at it!

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