Flying wheelchair!

The offbeat bride: Stacy, Seminarian and Preschool Teacher (and OBT Member)

Her offbeat partner: Daniel, Computer Geek and Silly Monkey

Location & date of wedding: Fremont Abbey in Seattle, WA — May 15, 2010

What made our wedding offbeat: For starters, our wedding was Seuss-themed, and because I couldn't find anything other than baby showers and birthdays that boasted the Cat in the Hat and friends, I had to rely on my own creativity. Again…

Daniel immediately chimed in and said we needed a three foot Cat in the Hat over the altar (in our progressive Episcopal church). So we got one off of Ebay. Most everything either came from Ebay or Etsy, from the men's Seuss ties to the custom wedding bands my hubby designed; the button bouquets to the hi-top Converse sneakers I wore for stylin' and practical wedding shoes (because I was actually going to walk…something I'm rarely able to do); from wedding signs with a Grinched font to stuffed Seuss characters used instead of pew bows.
Newly-minted Mayfields

There were also handmade elements. My mom made my dress (and a train for my wheelchair) from her 1977 wedding dress, because no pre-made style fit my personality. And my Man of Honor (best friend of 18 years) made a five foot Cat in the Hat out of cardboard and wooden stakes to greet incoming guests. Walking down the aisle

Also, I commissioned the lovely Jennifer Haase, featured on Offbeat Bride, to write and record a personalized song as a surprise to my groom while I walked down the aisle.

The food reflected whimsy, too, with everything from green eggs and ham to schlopp with a cherry on top.

Finally, we played Apples to Apples during the reception to break the ice and loosen people up before the dancing started.

Tell us about the ceremony: The ceremony was a pretty traditional Episcopal ceremony with a shared Eucharist. Oh, and there was a three foot Cat and the Hat hanging over our heads at the altar. We inserted a bit of whimsy with our vows, but we believe in some traditions are too beautiful to change.

An excerpt from the vows:
First few moments…
AK: Will you love him if he's rich?
Will you love her and all her kitsch?
From today until the end of time
Even if his verse won't rhyme?

DM: I will love her if she's rich
SL: And I will love him and all his kitsch
DM: I will even love her conniption fits.

AK: Will you love him in wealth and in need
Will you love her in word and in deed
From today until the cows come home
And never stop writing goofy poems?

SL: I will love him in wealth and need
DM: I will love her in word and in deed
SL: All the way to his two front teeth.

Our biggest challenge: Our wedding was in Seattle, where Daniel and I live, but all of our friends and family came from out of state, so we didn't have lots of help on our DIY projects until the last few days before the wedding. Stress was high, but we kept repeating the mantra “Imperfection is perfection” and cracking jokes. We reminded ourselves not to get too serious about a Dr. Seuss wedding, for goodness sake! 🙂The guest book

My favorite moment: Walking down the aisle with my dad and grandpa. I'm a wheelchair user with Cerebral Palsy, so I don't often stand or walk. Knowing they were there to support me, both physically and emotionally, meant so much.

My funniest moment: When we were feeding each other the cake, Daniel wanted to put a dab of the icing on my nose. But since it was buttercream, it slid right off of my nose and into the front of my dress. I had to excuse myself after I was exhausted from laughing so that I could get smushed cake out of my bosom.The twirl

My advice for offbeat brides: If you're doing something unlike anything you've seen before, don't be afraid to think outside of the wedding box. Look at other events like birthdays (I did that for Seuss decorating ideas). Schlopp with a Cherry on Top!

Also, don't be afraid to ditch categories like wedding cake or even cupcake if it doesn't work for you. I went on and made cake pops for my reception. (I also ended up having a small cake, per my mom's request. Don't be afraid to compromise on the things that aren't essentially important to you.)

What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding? Don't get so bogged down in the details that you forget the bigger picture of celebration and love. People won't know what you forgot.

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Comments on Stacy & Daniel’s Episcopal Dr. Seuss wedding

  1. Congratulations!
    May I just segue and say that you can buy anything on E-bay?

    I love that your vows are still meaningful even though they rhyme!

  2. I love the Dr. Seuss theme! And your vows are just WOW. I was grinning like mad while I read this whole article, heck I’m still grinning, congrats!!!

  3. Brilliant! Probably the happiest wedding I have ever seen – congratulations! You mixed whimsy with meaningful so beautifully.

    • Same here! That there is the image of love and support.

      Also, I’m so stealing that Apples to Apples idea for our reception… :3

  4. This looks like such a happy wedding,nothing but love and smiles! i love ebay for weddings, my friends joke that my wedding should be sponsored by ebay!

  5. Woot-Woot! Congrats 😀 Love the Dr. Seuss. We used “Horton Lays An Egg” as our ceremony reading. Your down-the-aisle moment was so touching. Its so great that your father and grandfather both got to give you away. Wishing you and your new hubby years of falling in love over & over again!

  6. Ebay is flippin’ sweet. I got my wedding dress on ebay (+$200 JCrew bridesmaid dress for $40 brand new!). Also got the fabric for my husband’s necktie on ebay (raw silk, $12/yd).

  7. Stacy, CONGRATS for this incredible wedding feature at Offbeat Bride, you amazing creative non-traditional bride, you! I’m so honored to have been part of your whimsical, sentimental wedding ceremony in such a special way. Much love to you and Daniel, too.

    Jennifer Haase

  8. So happy that you got to share your wonderful story & wedding with more of the world 🙂 You and Daniel are a joy to watch together… so much love, humor and kindness between you.

  9. Stacy –
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU! This post saved my wedding! My husband (it’s so exciting to say that now!) got 3rd degree burns on his foot a week before the wedding. He decided to postpone surgery and go through with the wedding, but he still had to be in a wheelchair. Well, I had seen this post a few weeks before our wedding… so when we were trying to figure out how to handle having a wheelchair I remembered your post! Thanks to you I knew it wasn’t going to ruin the wedding and I stole your idea of using a chair during the ceremony. Seriously, I cannot thank you enough for sharing this. I was so worried that having Will in a wheelchair would be a downer on the whole event. But, I knew that if you could pull it off, then we could too! Because of you, I was able to stay positive and bring it all together!

  10. Yup – I cried. 🙂

    Loved the whole thing!

    Many blessings to you both as you embark on your “forever.” 🙂

  11. how sweet. you are a great couple. Congratulations to you both may you have the best in life and may you always be happy and healthy

  12. This is my favorite wedding yet. As a former preschool teacher, I relate to Stacy’s love of the Dr., too.

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