“Retroanna” had the great idea to just use the “Love is the new black” Paul Frank postcards as her RSVP cards. Can't beat the price: each book includes thirty postcards meaning it would cost about $10 for 120 RSVP postcards! And they're super cool looking…


And as Retroanna explained:

“What I like about postcard RSVP's is that you're recycling, they're inexpensive, and you can find postcard books on practically every theme — vintage, art, architecture, pulp fiction, sex, or politics. So, even if you have a country theme, you can also incorporate your secondary theme, like your love of hot rods.

If nothing else, it beats being boring.”

It's awesome because it's true. These are great!

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Comments on Postcards as the RSVP cards

  1. Those are cool – plus you get them all back in the post!
    We don’t really do RSVP cards in the UK, well obviously we RSVP; but I mean as a guest you just buy a card and post it back.

  2. And of course, for regular sized postcards, postage is cheaper too. Woot! These are so cute!

  3. I used to collect postcards and my fiance and I are getting married at a summer camp, so we decided to send “postcards from camp” as our Save the Dates (it’s our version of a destination wedding — out in the mountains). We handwrote all 30 of them, stamped them, and then put them in a padded envelope and sent them to the camp to drop in the mail, so they’d be postmarked from the mountains. Total cost: $2.50. We have a number of friends who have gone on to frame the postcards (I’ve got a sweet collection).

  4. I used postcards from spiritofnashville.com for our save the dates. They have different local businesses and landmarks. Everyone responded well, those in Nashville and elsewhere.

  5. We made our own post cards and printed them through over night prints. I get discount codes from them all the time so we only ended up spending $20 for 100 cards. We did the same thing with our save the dates 🙂

  6. OMG! Imagine my surprise at seeing my postcards posted. I’m so excited! I used two different postcard books, LOVE IS THE NEW BLACK by Paul Frank and SECRET WEAPON BY Linzie Hunter.

  7. We actually used postcards for the invitation. On the front we have a picture of the farm where we’re getting married and on the back we had the wording with a picture of two peaches (wedding in Georgia) as a background. Turned out absolutely lovely- thank you US Post Office! 🙂

  8. This is such a stellar idea! Postage is less and we can get 100 postcards for $17… Now to decide between vintage DC comics or Pixar…….

  9. What a great, simple idea! Wish I’d thought of that before sending out my digital RSVP requests – we were scrimping on cash but, duh, we could have afforded books of postcards…

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