Serve “walking tacos” at your reception

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A “walking taco” is an awesomely portable, perfectly portioned, totally casual snack that would be perfect during a cocktail hour or reception. Tribesmaid Krissybeth taught her groom and all of her guests how to assemble it since nobody seemed to know how!

The trick is to leave the ingredients in the little bag so it acts as a bowl. Clever how-to poster optional, but awesome.

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  1. Aside from not liking Fritos, I have always had a very real problem with these things because I’ve NEVER had an issue eating a taco while walking.
    Mama just loves herself some tacos.

    For those who also hate Fritos, this can be achieved in a Ziploc with tortilla chips (or crushed taco shells, or Doritos. I don’t judge.)

    • Some people do have the mad taco eating skills. I think I’d go super low-brow and make them with Funyuns, myself. 😉

    • Yeah, to me tacos are a totally portable food. Actually the ultimate portable food, since I don’t care for sandwiches. That shell exists just to keep all the yummies inside and off your hands. Wrap it up with a napkin and commence eating while walking, while driving, while typing one handed, basically while doing just about anything! Burritos also work this way for me.

    • I used to have these all the time with Doritos, works in a bag just like with Fritos. Never actually had them with Fritos. My high school even sold them during basketball games years ago – they were super popular for a while as a concession because they’re so easy.

  2. we’ve always called these “Frito Banditos.” I used to eat them from the concession stand at baseball games….what a fantastic wedding food!

  3. Um, I’m not sure why I haven’t thought of this before, since we did them at camp ALL THE TIME and we’re getting married…at camp. Drunk snack-time? Done.

  4. We did these for my daughter’s first birthday! Taco meat and beans in crock pots, toppings on the side- was super easy and made clean up relatively fast!

    • This is a great idea! We have two crock pots in the house. I so need a taco table at my wedding!

  5. We call these “taco-in-a-bag” where I’m from and they are freaking delicious! We use Doritos, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and salsa. It. Is. Brilliant.

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